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At ETRAFFIC, our primary goal is to be a trusted partner that small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can rely upon to spur the growth of their businesses. You can trust the team at ETRAFFIC to tailor a digital marketing campaign that is effective, appropriate, and up-to-date with the best practices in digital marketing.

Moreover, with technical prowess, unmatched experience, and the insatiable drive to succeed, we have the right mix of qualities needed to achieve scalable long-term results for our clients. We focus on delivering the desired outcomes of every project we undertake.

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What We Offer

Understandably, every company has a set of objectives when it spends its marketing dollars. We appreciate that your company doesn’t spend money on marketing just for the sake of it. You are interested in achieving the highest return on investment based on your business objectives. Your objectives might be to increase your brand’s awareness, achieve better rankings on search engines, develop better customer/client retention, or, as is often the case, a combination of these targets. Either way, we are here to help you achieve this.

ETRAFFIC offers SMEs the full range of online marketing agency services. Our strengths lie in our ability and experience of bringing various marketing channels to the fore, creating a marketing funnel that works seamlessly. Working with you, we create and develop the best holistic marketing strategies to meet your marketing objectives and deliver the highest ROI. Our range of digital marketing services include:

Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation is the cornerstone of any online marketing campaign in many ways. You have to get SEO right to generate the highest ROI possible. At ETRAFFIC, we fully understand how vital SEO is to our clients. With this in mind, we provide the full range of SEO services, from SEO campaigns/packages, SEO audits, to link building.

We might use local search for location-based online visibility, brand building, and credibility enhancement as part of our SEO strategy. While we've optimised our packages to suit different companies, you can rest assured of our dedication to the cause of growing your business. In a nutshell, we pull out all stops to ensure you rank at the top of the first search engine results page (SERP).

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Google Ads (PPC)

Pay Per Click marketing is one of the best ways of getting instant results. PPC ads allow SMEs to reach their target audience precisely when they want to take the desired action, for example, if they are looking for a restaurant or retail store. However, with the limited marketing budget that many SMEs have, we optimise your marketing dollars to achieve the highest return on investment.

That's why we hyper-optimise PPC campaigns and use a combination of Google Display Network, Google Shopping or Product Listing Ads (PLA), and Google Remarketing to ensure you get maximum results from your ad spend.

While Google AdWords is the most popular PPC program today, Bing Ads is still effective in driving traffic to your website, improving your brand's visibility. As part of your PPC strategy, we might incorporate Bing Ads to optimise your ad dollars further.

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With over 2.8 billion active monthly users, Facebook is a behemoth within the marketing industry. Crucially, as a marketing platform, Facebook is structured to help advertisers precisely target their audience. Done right, advertising on Facebook can be effective, highly scalable, and profitable, especially when you partner with ETRAFFIC.

However, as other emerging social media platforms gain popularity and experience increased active traffic, there is a case to widen the scope of social media platforms SMEs use today. For instance, video-centric social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok have recently gained many active users. This represents a massive opportunity for SMEs to acquire and retain new customers and clients. And we cannot discount other platforms, including Pinterest and LinkedIn. We work with you to ensure you have a presence on the media that suit your brand and where your target audience is most active.

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Web Hosting

We offer hosting packages designed to meet the needs of SMEs. Our hosting packages are built on a foundation of fast and reliable dedicated servers; you can rest assured your website will be persistently online and ready to present your business to the online world. No matter the amount of data transferred as you serve your website to your audience, we have a hosting plan for your specific needs.

Finally, we have a wide variety of hosting plans and solutions for you to choose from at affordable prices.

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Digital marketing is inherently a data-driven industry. However, the implementation of the various marketing techniques needs a creative touch. No other aspect of digital marketing exemplifies the need for creativity than content marketing does. After all, your content must be informative, engaging, and entertaining content across different mediums and platforms.

You must create and publish valuable content that helps your audience research or learn more about your company. The content must anchor your authority in your industry and provide the basis for your audience to trust you.

Most importantly, your content should communicate industry expertise while providing brand personalisation. We create different content within our content marketing service, including blog posts, ad copy, sales and landing page copy, infographics, email content, social media content, press releases, video content, rich media content, eBooks, datasheets, and much more. We skillfully create content for different channels and platforms that attract traffic, engage your audience, and, most importantly, convert them into leads, loyal customers, clients, and subscribers.

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Web Design

Our web design department is renowned for creating user and search-friendly websites that help your brand stand out and help you acquire and retain a loyal following. We create eye-catching sites that represent your brand and help the website users understand what your business is all about.

Please call us on 1300 887 151 and let’s customise a digital marketing campaign that sets you apart from your competitors or book a free strategy session below.

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Digital Marketing Agency FAQs

A digital marketing agency is a firm that specialises in digital marketing that businesses contract to handle their digital marketing activities in part or entirely. Given the complexity of digital marketing, many companies, especially SMEs, do not have the capacity or budget to carry out digital marketing effectively in-house. As such, the agency provides different digital marketing products and services to meet the goals of the outsourcing company.
Depending on the agency you partner with, the range of services you require, and many other factors, you might pay as little as $1,000 per month to as much as $20,000.

Digital marketing agencies can use different models to price their services and products. Some agencies use fixed-rate pricing, whereby they charge a specific amount for a particular service for a defined period. For instance, they can charge $200 for one social media campaign. Alternatively, agencies can create packages priced at different fixed price points. You get to choose the package that meets your needs.

Another pricing model prevalent in the industry is the hourly rate. In this case, the agency charges based on the hours they spend on a client’s project. Agencies can agree with the client on a specified hourly rate. In other cases, the hourly rate is determined by the seniority of the individuals involved in your project.

Finally, there is the value-based pricing model. In this regard, the client’s final price is based on the ROI. There is a lot more involvement with this pricing model as the client and agency need to agree on goals and how they will be measured. After that, the agency estimates the price, which is subject to change based on the value created. The higher the value generated, the higher the price clients have to pay and vice versa.

This all depends on various factors. For instance, a comprehensive digital marketing campaign that encompasses SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing, Brand Reputation Management, and Content Marketing will naturally be more expensive. This is because it involves many moving parts, all requiring a lot of labour with different skills. However, the cost pales compared to the long-term return on investment accrued from comprehensive digital marketing. 

Additionally, when you choose a professional and experienced web marketing agency, it might be a tad more expensive than a run-of-the-mill agency. At face value, the best digital marketing agency might seem expensive for no reason. However, SEO being a detail-oriented industry, requires you to scrutinise the details. Cheap agencies might not have a team with the necessary skills, technical expertise, and experience. 

Keep in mind that you get what you pay for. Many of the underpriced marketing agencies, do not nec necessarily have a track record of helping businesses grow in the short and long term. For instance, they rely on black hat SEO, which can yield results in a short time, but you’ll suffer heavy penalties from search engines in the long term. As such, they are intentionally cheap to attract customers, knowing very well they don’t provide any long-term value.

The types of digital marketing services include web development, search engine optimisation, social media marketing, video marketing, email marketing, influencer marketing, digital PR, and much more.

Companies in Australia can do marketing campaigns in-house or by outsourcing to high expert digital marketers. Businesses with a marketing department can choose to DIY their marketing campaigns. However, this is not recommended. Doing online marketing with a team that’s not experienced in the various types of marketing will be difficult, costly, time-consuming, and might not produce the desired results.

The better approach is to work with an experienced marketing agency that can hit the ground running, turning ad dollars into results and your SEO funds into tangible results such as a better ranking on SERPs and ultimately, more sales.

Why Partner with our Online Marketing Agency?

It’s common knowledge that the digital marketing agency space is highly competitive. The digital marketing space is awash with many digital marketing agencies. ETRAFFIC is proud to be among the premier digital marketing agencies in Australia. As a leader in our industry, you can expect only the highest quality services. So why should you partner with us for your online marketing? 

We Use Goal-Oriented Strategies
We don’t shoehorn one digital marketing strategy into all of our clients’ projects. We fully appreciate that every client has unique needs that necessitate developing a bespoke strategy. As such, we listen to you and develop an understanding of your business and industry before developing a goal-oriented strategy that meets your needs.
ETRAFFIC Is Experienced
ETRAFFIC has been in digital marketing in Australia for over 10 years. We’ve witnessed this dynamic industry’s growth, development, and evolution first-hand. Our team draws from our vast experience to help us meet all your digital marketing needs.
We Worked With Trusted Brands
We’ve worked with numerous household brands in Australia to grow their online presence, brand awareness, and lead generation. Some of the brands that we’ve grown their digital presence include Photoland, Retreat Caravans, Let’s Talk Kitchens & Interiors, Beachin Surf, Period Extensions & Designs, and many SMEs.
Unmatched In-House Expertise
We handle every part and aspect of our services and service delivery in-house. Our team of SEO experts has the necessary technical skills, knowledge, and experience to handle every aspect of your digital marketing needs.
Customer-Oriented Service Delivery

We’ve designed and optimised our internal processes to ensure the highest customer satisfaction levels possible. We are committed to you, and your digital marketing needs and our processes reflect this commitment. We are passionate about your short and long-term success.

Most importantly, we aim to deliver business growth, shoring up your bottom line and securing your future.

We Know How To Get Digital Marketing Right

At the core of everything we do is research. The world of SEO is dynamic and expansive. We are constantly researching to stay abreast with the latest development and trends in SEO, PPC, Local Search, Email Marketing, and Web Development to the benefit of our clients.

We Specialise Working With SMEs
At ETRAFFIC, we focus on small to medium-sized businesses. While working with large multinationals might be exciting for some, our passion lies in helping SMEs grow their brands, improve their lead generation, develop distribution channels, improve the conversion of their leads, and retain their customers.

Marketing Designed To Deliver More Than Just Clicks

ETRAFFIC has a team of over 20 digital marketing experts, we curate marketing strategies to help you achieve your goals with holistic marketing approaches allowing us to engage your audience regardless of the platform they use.

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