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Achieve Your Goals With Performance Max 

Performance Max refers to a recent goal-based campaign allowing Google Ads marketers to access multiple ads within a single movement. It is an upgrade from the previous smart shopping and local campaigns. It uses audience signals to ensure that search ads are displayed to the intended audience. 

Through audience segments, also referred to as customer segments, Performance Max helps identify target audiences in subgroups. The main aim is to increase customer engagement and help you have a more helpful customer database. 

Do you need to see your account level go up significantly? Then it is time to invest in advanced smart shopping and local campaigns. Google’s Performance Max campaigns are here to help your business grow.  

Google Ads Performance Max New Customer Acquisition Goals 

A new customer acquisition goal will help you get new customers using a Google ads campaign. This presents you with two options in your favour:

  • It causes an optimisation that bids higher for new customers
  • It saves the campaign exclusively for new customers

Customer acquisition has two main marketing goals:

  • Increase revenue while at the same time maximising new customers to secure long-term revenue
  • Growing the market share using the allocated budget through customer acquisition costs. 

There are two modes that you can make use of in customer acquisition.

1). New Customer Value Mode

This is the most used mode as it helps you optimise revenue on all customers and also allows you to have new customers within a single campaign.

2). New Customer Only Mode

This mode has your ads limited to the new audience only. It is only recommended to use this mode if your campaign is non-focused or if your budget is acquisition focused. 

7 Ways To Achieve Your Goals With Performance Max 

There are many ways through which you can achieve your goals with Performance Max. They include: 

1). Get New Insights

Your strategy and campaign optimisations must never be outdated. From the insights page, you learn the factors that influence your performance. You only get to know your top searches, themes, and audiences through the insights. Performance Max presents you with a chance to get raw data. After analysing the raw data, you can get information that will help you make significant decisions to improve your marketing strategies. 

Our creative strategy is sharpened by getting to identify well-performing creative assets. You also get to know the audiences that perform well with specific creative strategies. It is also possible for you to use this information beyond Google ads. 

2). Evaluate Your Performance

Evaluating your performance using metrics matching your bid strategy is essential. Using different metrics to assess success helps you see how all campaign dimensions are doing. 

You also need to account for conversion delays when measuring or analysing results. A thorough analysis will also help you have a complete picture of your performance. It is also recommended to check the performance changes before and after using Performance Max. This will help you deal with conversion delays. 

Also, look out for any ad disapprovals to help you improve your ads. Take advantage of user reporting so you can take note of creative assets that are doing well. In some cases, you might need to do away with some assets and use new ones. Finally, Performance Max provides you with placement reports that help evaluate the performance of your ads. Make use of these kinds of reports to make your ads better.  

Achieve Your Goals With Performance Max

3). Make Use Of Ad Extensions

Ad extensions help you come up with ads that appear prominently and provide adequate details to customers. Part of those details should be getting the customers to know how they can contact you. 

4). Utilise Ad Audience Signals

Sufficient signals help you have effective automated targeting. Automation will help you identify new customer segments and have more customers that you may not have spotted before. 

It is also important to include lower funnel audience segments; this will help you keep track of your custom segments and data showing which individuals have a high potential of becoming customers. To make good use of customer matches, you must make a customer list and upload it on Google ads. You should upgrade the list as frequently as possible. 

5). Make Creative Assets Part Of Your Asset Group

It is best if you come up with asset groups according to the themes they represent. Asset groups allow automation to group your assets in terms of their relevance and ensure that the system prioritises showing essential creatives to your audience. 

Consider adding multiple videos, images, and text versions to improve the creative assets. It could also serve better if the included images were in different sizes. 

6). Bid Strategy And Budget

Your bid strategy should be informed by your goals but also be budget-friendly. Use Performance Max smart bidding to help you get the perfect bids and, more importantly, deliver exceptional results on your budget. 

7). Have Pre-set Conversion Goals

Adding all your conversion goals will help you maximise your performance. You will have an even better experience if you have precise conversion measurements. This will help increase the campaign performance and perfect automation to ensure you get value for your money. 

Set Up Your Performance Max Campaigns With ETRAFFIC!

Creating a new Performance Max campaign requires you to have search campaigns and ad formats that will assure you of a customer base that will increase your revenue. Your potential customers are just an ad away and require you to put some extra effort into reaching them. 

At ETRAFFIC, we offer you the best Performance Max campaigns for your business according to your most urgent needs. We create the best SEM agency campaigns that will grow your customer base. We have years of experience in machine learning, and you can trust us to help you create the best ad formats. 

To scale new heights with Google Performance Max campaigns, please call us at ETRAFFIC today at 1300 887 151 or book a free strategy session below.


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