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Successful business people have an uncanny ability to find a connection between seemingly isolated events. Many of them can gather some life, business and marketing lessons from major events.

A good example is the connection between successful marketing and the 2015 Cricket World Cup. There’s a lot to learn and apply from just watching the events and observing the progression of things.

In this article, we will be sharing some of the marketing insights we had while watching the Cricket World Cup. Hopefully, you will find some marketing nuggets that you can use to your advantage in your business.

1. People Are Attracted and Want to Partake in a Successful Venture

There are quite a few sponsors and endorsements for the cricket games. This is not without reason or cause. People simply love a successful venture and will often want to partner with entities that have achieved this.

If your small business is successful, you will naturally find it easier to convince people to purchase more of your items. People are more willing to do business with an established small business because they see them as being credible. Besides a successful business gives the impression that the company has its act together.

2. Your Marketing and Performance Should Inspire People

The cricket world cup events have seen its fair share of inspiration. Teams are giving their best and playing their hearts out on the pitch. The same goes for marketing. Your marketing shouldn’t be bland and uninspiring as most marketing and advertising efforts are these days.

It’s almost as if most companies just recycle the same old advertising gimmicks. This is why it is difficult to find truly inspiring marketing that gets people to want to associate with the brand.

And this is why most businesses will not attain the heights that companies like Apple and HP have. So, take a cue from this and develop inspiring marketing concepts. If you need help, get in touch with the eTraffic Web Marketing team.

3. Keep Testing Until There’s Nothing Else

What separates successful marketing from an okay marketing? It’s consistent testing. If you have an ad that’s working okay for your business right now, you have to try and vary the ad. Split test the ad to see what works.

Sometimes, the difference between a four figure a day revenue and a five figure a day revenue lies in simply tweaking an ad. From our experience and working with multiple clients, we have seen businesses’ revenue go from six to seven figure just by varying the ads and split testing.

So, no matter how good your ads are right now, chances are that they can still be improved to produce even more impressive results for your business.

4. The Success of a Marketing Campaign Lies in Lining Up All Its Crucial Elements

So far, the best performing teams in the 2015 Cricket World Cup are teams with excellent form, adequate financial backing, great players and complete team synergy. Successful marketing is somewhat like this. You cannot afford to let anything slip.

Your landing pages, your copy, your traffic funnels and sales funnels must all be fully optimized. Create a tightly closed marketing system. As much as possible, do not allow any lead or prospect slip through your fingers.

Do everything you can – within reason and ethical lines of course – to keep them engaged and interested in your products and services. Don’t take for granted any marketing element. Cover all your marketing bases and you’ll be good.

5. Speed and Talent Aren’t Enough

You need precision, accuracy and hard work. In cricket, speed and talent aren’t enough. Sure, they play a crucial role in the games, but without the necessary elements of precision, accuracy, cohesion, practice and hard work, the team won’t do well.

Marketing is a lot like this. You need all these elements at the same time to be able to create an effective and impressive marketing campaign.

Like it or not, even if you have the brightest creative director and excellent copywriter, you still need the marketing strategist to determine the campaign rollout phases, strategic media and a host of other things that will ensure that your marketing is effective and reaches its target audience.

6. The Underdog Can Win

Here’s something you need to know: successful Marketing isn’t always about the Biggest Budget. It’s about the will, consistency, persistence and the ability to give your marketing campaign your absolute best. Many businesses are often overshadowed by big businesses.

This is not surprising considering they have a virtually unlimited advertising budget. But, with a little creativity or a marketing message that helps you stand out from the competition, you’ll be amazed at how much people would want to do business with you.

Here’s a little not-so-secret secret: most people are tired of the impersonal nature of big conglomerates and multinationals. They prefer the personal, more comfortable service of small sized businesses.

Combine excellent products and customer service with brilliant out of the box marketing, and you have yourself a winning combination that will quietly help make your business even more successful.

7. People Love Feel-Good Stories

The question therefore is what’s your marketing story going to be? Will you follow the crowd and produce the clinical, bland story that’s everywhere these days or will you go with a genuine, from-the-heart story that people will connect with? Your choice.

As a small business owner though, the latter will do you just fine. Remember, most people connect more with personal stories. It portrays your company as one that they can relate to and get to like.

The good thing is you don’t have to do this all by yourself. Get in touch with and hire a reputable and highly creative web marketing firm like eTraffic. They can help create and tell your personal stories, build your marketing strategies and take your business from where it is now to where you want it to be.

Your brand, business and company do not have to stay in the shadows anymore. With world class web marketing strategies deployed by a savvy small business friendly web marketing firm like eTraffic, you will get spectacular results in your marketing and ultimately, revenue and profits.

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