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Avoid Dynamic URLs with Random Characters

Avoid Dynamic URLs with Random Characters

Before you continue reading, go check your website URL first and see if it has one or more of those characters in the extension. Click the links to deeper pages on your website. Do you have those characters showing up again? If you do, then there’s one question we need to ask you.

How well are you ranking on Google?

You see, poor URL structure has always been somewhat linked to lower search engine rankings. So, if in spite of all your ranking efforts, you still have not quite attained those sweet top positions yet, this might the reason.

In SEO, those characters are called “reserve characters”. Admittedly, Google and other search engines attempt to read all of these characters and interpret them correctly. But recent evidence points to the fact that these poor URL structures can:

  • Prevent deeper website pages from being indexed;
  • Reduce your website’s ranking authority;
  • Negatively affect your search engine rankings; and
  • Affect visitors’ user experience

We’re pretty sure you don’t want all this happening to your website.

So, what can you possibly do?

If you have any of these characters in your URLs, you may need to completely restructure the entire website URL, and change them to “readable” or keyword-rich URLs. This can be tedious and difficult to do particularly if you have no prior experience or no idea about how to code a website.

This is where eTraffic come in. Creating easy to read, keyword-rich URLs is just one of the necessary steps we take to help all our clients secure high search engine rankings. We do this by carrying out an in-depth and sitewide URL audit to determine if these characters are actually relevant or unnecessary to your website.

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