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So you’re looking to start doing some pay per click advertising, right? That’s cool because PPC ads can be an effective marketing medium. But before you begin, you need to be clear about your goals for your PPC campaign.

Do you want to generate more leads, sell more products and gain new clients? Do you also want to create more engagement on your website or social media accounts and enhance your brand perceptions? What exactly do you want to achieve with the campaign?

Listen! Don’t start any new campaign until you can clearly answer these questions.

Not knowing their goals is one of the major reasons why many businesses lose huge amount on their pay per click ads every day. Remember, your goals determine what keywords to bid on, what your ad copy and landing pages will look like and what your headlines will be, among other things.

Poor PPC planning can result to:

  • Multiple campaigns targeting the same product or keywords;
  • Duplication of keywords across multiple campaigns which will potentially lead to campaign suspension or excess spending;
  • Difficulty in managing such campaigns; and
  • Incapability in monitoring and measuring of results

Think of it this way:

Clear Goals + Concise Strategy + Excellent Ad Optimisation + High CTR and Quality Score + Lower CPCs = High ROI

As far as we’re concerned, it’s foolhardy to spend $300 to generate a $50 lead when you can probably spend $30 at most to generate the same lead, resulting in a $20 profit.

Speaking of profit, that’s the whole point of your campaigns, isn’t it? Whether it’s about brand building, lead generation and revenues, among others. All roads lead to profits. This is why setting your goals is crucial to your campaigns.

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