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Factor In Google Pigeon by Localising Your Content

Factor In Google Pigeon by Localising Your Content

Do you want to increase the revenue of your local business? If so, consider optimizing your web content for local relevance.

Your website content, articles, blog posts and guest posts should be targeted at the locals. While generic content that isn’t tailored to your locality may produce some results, targeted local content is what guarantees the best possible results.

Multiple studies have shown that most consumers prefer to buy from local businesses. This is because they trust them. People also perceive that local businesses know the local scene and understand local slangs. In addition, local businesses are also easier to locate.

Websites with localised content address all these.

Targeted content like this doesn’t just drive more local business to your site. It is also effective for higher local search engine rankings.

The Google Pigeon algorithm update in July 2014 was specifically targeted at local businesses. That update was basically about geotargeting businesses and ranking them according to their local relevance.

Therefore, businesses with local neighbourhood or city mentions in their content are ranked higher for searches conducted by locals within the area.

So, how can you localise your content?

  • Start creating content with your local area in mind;
  • Add more city, neighbourhood and state mentions to your content;
  • Use more local slangs and references in your content;
  • Provide clear, actionable local content that your visitors can use; and
  • Populate your website with high value locally relevant resources

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