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Google AdWords

Google AdWords

Google AdWords have recently made some improvements to their Quality Score reporting by 3 new optional columns to the existing Keywords status tab, along with allowing advertisers to examine their Quality Score history.  

New Status Columns:
Google has expanded their 3 column keyword report with different status columns that makes it easier to access more data. These new columns incorporate “Exp. CTR”, “Ad Relevance” and “Landing Page Expert”. All of these columns are optional meaning that if the data is helpful to you and your business, you may add either of the new columns to the existing keyword report.

When selecting a custom data range, the data will then display the last known score at the end of the data range that has been selected. Should you wish to only view Quality Score for a specific date, the data will then echo the score that was the result of the end of the day. Google has stated that the historical Quality Score will not be available for any dates that go back further than January 22, 2016.

These updates are available right now!

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