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Accounting firms offer bookkeeping, tax, financial advice, and relevant services to individuals and businesses.

In the good old days, finding new clients was as easy as getting a referral from someone you trust.

Marketing Is Changing

Times have changed and the market has become quite competitive. There are hundreds of accounting firms out there vying for business from the same clients.

An accounting firm should consider other marketing strategies to stay afloat in the industry.

This article provides information on what you need to do to position your accounting firm to brand new prospects.

Start With Your Current Client Base

Like any other business, an accounting firm should market its services to existing as well as new customers in the area.

Large firms have highly specialised business development executives to bring in new clients to the company.

They employ a wide range of marketing strategies – including online marketing – to take the accounting firm to the next level.

However, smaller firms don’t have the necessary financial and human resources for this purpose.

They should be looking for a viable and cost-effective marketing strategy to promote the business. That is where cold calling comes in handy.

Traditional Methods Aren’t Necessarily the Best

Cold calling is one of the earliest marketing strategies used by businesses across the globe. The method is still powerful in getting the right type of customer for your business.

Most accounting firms still rely on traditional marketing strategies such as networking and referrals to find new clients for their business.

These strategies make it easier for the accounting firm to convert the prospect into a customer.

When a friend or someone you know refers a prospect to your business, it is much easier to convert the prospect to a customer since the trust has been already established.

On the other hand, networking also gives you prospects that are easier to convert to customers.

You don’t have to work hard to get the sale since you have the full attention of the person that you are speaking to.

You only need to explain your service and close the sale. However, the process is quite different when it comes to cold calling.

Time to Pick up the Phone

When it comes to cold calling, the prospect doesn’t know who you are. They may or may not have heard about your brand.

You have a lot of work to do before you can convert this type of prospect into a paying customer for your accounting firm.

The first call you make to the prospect is very important. It can make or break the sale. You will be losing a customer forever if you mess up the first call.

If you don’t show credibility and likeability to the prospect on your first call, you have lost a sale to your competitor.

It is important that you prepare well for the first call to the prospective client. There are many things to consider before taking that important first call.

Preparation Is Important

Here are some things to remember when taking the first call to a new prospect.

  1. Research the prospect and be prepared before you start dialling the phone.
  2. Role play will help you practice what you need to say to the prospect. Practice makes perfect. The more you practice, the more comfortable and natural you will speak to the prospect.
  3. Understand what the prospect needs and ask relevant questions during the conversation.
  4. Listen to the prospect. Listen without interrupting when the prospect is speaking. Listening is one of the best skills a salesperson should develop.
  5. Ask for the sale. Many individuals shy away from asking for the sale. This isn’t a trait of a good salesperson. If you are confident that your service will help the prospect, ASK FOR THE SALE.

These tips will help you when it comes to positioning your accounting firm to brand new prospects.

If you are looking to improve the positioning of your accounting firm in 2019, but not sure where to start, book in a free strategy session with one of our business growth specialists today.

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