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Improve UX by Ensuring Each Page is Aesthetically Pleasing

Improve UX by Ensuring Each Page is Aesthetically Pleasing

What’s the one thing that can convince you to trust a website? Apart from Google’s omnipresent brand, why do you use it more often than Yahoo?

For us, it is user-friendliness or the ease with which we can navigate the website, find information, quickly locate whatever we want, as well as aesthetics.

How about your website? Where does it rank on the aesthetics and usability scale? Is it easy for your users to move around your website or do they unconsciously flinch at how difficult it is to do so?

A website with great designs but has poor navigation and usability irritates people. If you have worked really hard to get many visitors to your site, it doesn’t make sense at all to lose those visitors because they didn’t like the look of your website or product.

Hence, find a balance between your website’s user-friendliness and aesthetic appeal!

A user-friendly website is always preferable to one that looks great but with poor UX. Your website should have an orderly flow, balance and ease to it. You should make sure your visitors want to stay when they visit your website.

That is why you need a user-friendliness test on your website to know if your users find your website aesthetically appealing and easy to use or navigate.

Aesthetics plays a key role in buyers’ decisions. Doubt that? Then, check your bounce rate. What does it say? If it’s high, then your visitors are probably having a hard time navigating your website. Let us help you correct that today.

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