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Review PPC Performance by Location for Effective Geotargeting

Review PPC Performance by Location for Effective Geotargeting

In marketing, there’s nothing worse than untargeted advertising. It only wastes money, time, energy and resources.

Selling heating equipment during the summer to people living in hot climates doesn’t make sense. Yet, we see people do that with their PPC ads every day. And they wonder why they’re not making any money.

This is exactly why you need to group your ads by location and check how well they are performing. Your ad campaigns should be targeted at the people who need it. We’re talking about selling air conditioners to people during the hot summer season.

This process is called Geotargeting, and it has a twofold purpose:

  • To improve communication with prospects in a particular area
  • To ensure that your products are appropriate for their needs

So, check your ad campaigns to see if you’re getting more orders for specific items from specific regions, states or cities.

Armed with this information, you’ll be able to confidently and properly allocate resources to these “hot” locations. Thus, it increases your revenue and ensures a healthy return on your ad spending.

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