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Snapchat Now Lets You Create Your Own Geofilter for That Special Event

Now you can spread the news about your birthday party, end year staff dinner or get together in a more creative and fun way with the new Snapchat filters.

The video messaging app company is rolling out a new geofilter service that allows individuals and businesses to design their own custom filters regarding special events.

The custom Snapchat filters will then temporarily appear within the video messaging network.

Of course, the on-demand custom filters are not free. So prepare to shell out some little dough to enjoy the moment.

The company is banking on you to leap aboard the cash train and help them make some profit along the way. No debate, you will most likely love these latest geofilters, and parting with a few dollars will just be logical.

Indian Hills Community College event


Not the First Time

Notice that geofilters, as a feature, are not completely new.Snapchat has been offering sponsored geofilters for a while. But these have been, as indicated, provided and sponsored by the app.

Snapchat has been offering sponsored geofilters for a while. But these have been, as indicated, provided and sponsored by the app.

Snapchat geofilters have also only been provided to cover huge expanses, such as entire districts or cities and were handy during specific occasions such as holidays.

Users, therefore, had only to choose from the limited variety of sponsored or community geofilters available.

On-demand filters, on the other hand, are new.

on-demand filters

Now, you can make your own 100 percent personalised frames for a particular location. They’re even available for much smaller geographical areas.

Interestingly, the new Snapchat filters won’t hurt your wallet.

Fees range from as low as $5 to more than a few thousand dollars, so everyone is covered.

The fee is pegged on two factors:

  • Time
  • Area

Did we also mention that it covers up to 5,000,000 square feet maximum? Yes, it’s no secret that the larger the area, the greater the damage!

Before purchasing your geofilter, you are at liberty to experiment with prices and locations so you can pick a perfect choice for your event. This is definitely one of the ways the company is currently working to raise its revenue.

But for small businesses and events such as birthdays or weddings, this initiative is a great catch.

Ritz pepperoni pizza bites sponsored event

Think about it: for just $5, you can get the minimum of 20,000 square feet geofenced.

It is only if you own a vast tract of land that you’ll push this demand up toward the 5 million square feet upper limit.

The service is only available in the US, UK and Canada for the moment. And plans are underway to have it spread to other locations soon.


How it Works

First things first! Geofilters.

What is that?

For those who are not familiar with Snapchat, these are the in-app illustrations that Snapchatters can overlay onto their snaps.

They are typically limited to specific physical locations, and occasions at times.

Snapchat in-app illustrations

Users have always generated a lot of these Snapchat filters by following geofilter-specific instructions.

First, you need to activate your device location services to use the feature.

If you own an iOS device, you can enable the location feature through this process; Settings > Privacy > Location Services.

Android device users, on the other hand, can go to Settings > Location > Turn on.

Up until now, the network’s guidelines have however always prevented businesses or people from creating their own custom filters. The new filters now turn that restriction around.

Snapchat offers various templates that you can use to design your own filters.

You map out the exact expanse within which you want the geofilter to appear in plus the timeline for coverage.

geofilter coverage

This feature allows buyers some considerable flexibility in organizing the details. And though the app’s original filters can cover up to an entire country, these on-demand filters are limited in geographic coverage, which can be both an advantage and a limitation.

In spite of being user-generated, the custom geofilters still require the approval of Snapchat admin before they are allowed to go public within the defined area.

This approval process takes one business day on the average.


Why your Geofilter can Fail to Get Approval

There are a few occasions where your Snapchat filter can be declined by the app’s admin. Here are the main reasons that can get you that dreaded red flag:

reasons Snapchat filter can be declined

1. We hate plagiarism

Snapchat requires everything to be 100 percent unique. As such, you cannot use trademarks and logos, school crests and other similar marks on your geofilter.

2. Keep it local

Draw a clear line between what your think is important and what will certainly spark interest. Something too broad as to cover an entire state or country will get rejected.

3. Bring up your creative potential

When it comes to geofilters, creativity is key. Ensure every Geofilter you submit is something that people will not just like, but also want to use.

4. Incorrect format for (PNGs)

No big deal, just make sure your Geofilter item fits in a 1080 by 1920 pixel box. File must not be over 300kb.

5. Improper background

Snapchat requires that all geofilters are exported on a transparent background. Otherwise, it may not be allowed through. Remember, if you notice an issue with your geofilter after submitting, you can send a request for modifications.

6. Inadequate descriptionTake some time to provide

Take some time to provide satisfactory description. Also, include any relevant dates.

Telling friends where you are has never been more fun.

Snapchat truly takes social life to a whole new level.

And the coolest thing about it is that people are not being pushed into it. They are deciding – in some slight way – to better their social life. Don’t miss out!

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