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Target Multiple Devices in PPC Campaigns

Target Multiple Devices in PPC Campaigns

Did you know that buyers now tend to use multiple screens during their product or service research, and that they switch to another screen before taking their final action?

It’s true. Most buyers these days start their research for a certain product or service on their mobile phone and then switch to their desktop or laptop to buy the product or service.

We’re increasingly seeing more prospects initiate their buying process or even partake in some micro-conversions such as signing up for emails on their mobile phone or tablet and then completing the process on another device or screen.

This is why cross-device targeting is crucial to your pay per click campaign success. It’s not enough to just target desktops and laptops. Mobile phones and tablets should be an integral part of your campaigns as well.

Cross-device targeting is effective because:

  • It helps improve conversions;
  • It effectively monitors, tracks and predicts customer behaviour;
  • It serves as a valuable source of customer-driven data;
  • It helps you gain more insight into the value of your ads and campaigns;
  • It provides insight into how visitors and customers navigate your website; and
  • It makes it easier to build landing pages specific to various devices

Most small business campaigns only target desktop and laptop devices. This means they are losing out on prospects that fall through the cracks. That’s because their ads aren’t optimised for mobile devices.

Virtually, all successful PPC advertisers and agencies create campaigns for multiple screens. Therefore, you should do the same. Start cross-targeting multiple devices in your campaigns today.

At eTraffic, we have a team of PPC experts who can help you setup a profitable multi-device campaign to boost your ROI. Take advantage of our expertise today.


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