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We all know how influential Facebook is when it comes to marketing your product. Unfortunately, it may really be hard to generate likes for your page especially if you are just new in the industry. There may be several internet marketing strategies needed to be done in order for you to be able to attract potential clients to like your page, and basically, get all the recent updates about your business through Facebook posts. Here are just some of the strategies you might want to try:


  • Advertise. If you will check the right side of your screen when you are on the news feeds, you will see several advertisements. You may try to post your account in this area and pay Facebook several dollars per day. Well, it may be pricey but it is certainly a good method for you to be able to increase your likes.
  • Add your Facebook link on your website. In that way, your potential clients may be able to see it right away, and if interested, they will surely visit the link and like your page.
  • Be active in several communities that discuss the niche you are in. Share your page as often as you can.
  • Mention your page in back linking. In that way, readers may be able to be directed on your Facebook page.
  • Bribe. You may organize a contest wherein they may be able to get a certain prize just by liking your page.
  • Create inspiring posts your likers may be interested to share. In that way, their friends may be able to see now just what you have written but what you may be able to offer as well.

These are guaranteed tips in order for you to be able to uplift the number of your page likers. Unfortunately, though you have already executed every step you think may be able to benefit your website, there may still be reasons we may not be able to surpass. Here are some probable reasons why your Facebook page does not acquire its desirable number of likes:

  • Potential clients are “shy” to let other people know that they have liked your page. Let’s say for example, you are offering a diet pill. Though it’s guaranteed effective, some will have second thoughts of liking your page, thinking that their friends may be able to see it. Well, some may be judged and many people hate that.
  • A possibility that your potential clients do not own a Facebook account. Let’s say for example your offered product has something to do with aging, then your target market who owns a Facebook account may be very minimal, as elderly do not usually go for social media sites. With such reason, then social media marketing may not be a good option for your business.
  • Potential clients may not be interested to see your products on their wall. Well, no matter how great your product is, if their account is for personal purposes, then you cannot force them to like your page and be updated on your latest updates.

Though Facebook is among the trusted social media sites these days, not all businesses may receive advantages in the platform. But then, always remember that social media marketing is a good internet marketing strategy and Facebook is not just the platform you may resort on. Thoroughly assess other areas where social media marketing may be executed and also, work on figuring out if you will be required to spend a lot of money just for you to effectively broaden your online presence.

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