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If you own a plumbing business but aren’t leveraging social media in your marketing campaign, you are making a big mistake. This is because more than ever, people are turning to social networks to find plumbing and similar services. Social media is the new word of mouth medium.

So, if people say something negative about you on one or more of the many social media platforms, your reputation could be damaged. This is why you must get proactive and start using this medium.

This is in addition to the fact that when mastered, social media can take your plumbing business to a new level. There are plumbers who are drumming up millions in revenue every year partly because they understand and know just how to use social media.

To successfully join that league of plumbers with more work than they can handle, you must know and use the right social media techniques. Some of these techniques are highlighted below.

Create More Engagement

The first cardinal rule of successful social media marketing is to create a lot of engagement (by engagement, we mean actually doing things that will make people want to visit your social network accounts frequently).

Engagement is vital to a successful social media marketing campaign. Engagement could be anything from offering daily deals to contests and raffle draw for a free plumbing repair service.

You should also consider posting up videos, images and maybe even podcasts related to plumbing. For example, you could record a particular plumbing project from start to finish and then share it on your Twitter account, Facebook or YouTube.

Or you could go the route of posting funny pictures with captions relating to plumbing (there are after all, many funny things about plumbing).This goes a long way in helping your audience see you as an expert authority on the subject of plumbing.

We live in an era where relationship marketing works more than any other type of marketing. Plumbers who know just how to build rapport and trust will make a killing in their business.

Post New Ideas, Thoughts and Content on Your Blog and Share

If you don’t have a blog, you should seriously get one. We mean right now! You see, it’s no longer enough to have a static website where people visit just to get your number and give you a phone call.

You need to create a dynamic website where people can visit to get new and updated information. In fact, social media engagement has become one of the major criteria for higher search engine rankings.

A plumbing website with a blog attached to it is more likely to get higher search engine rankings than one that doesn’t have one. And the best thing about this is that whenever you post new content on your blog, you can share it on Facebook, tweet the link on Twitter, or upload it to Youtube.

The point is you must consistently update your blog. We know you’re busy, so it’s not something that you have to do every day. Once or twice a week is enough. And for the topics, write about everything you’re familiar with.

Give away free information and repair tips on small plumbing problems that people can fix at home by themselves. This might seem counterintuitive, but it is in reality, an effective marketing technique proven to work many times over.

When you give out free information and tips and people are able to solve some of their plumbing problems by themselves, word is bound to spread about your service.

Not just that, you will be perceived as being very knowledgeable and trustworthy –something that most people are looking for nowadays- and the go-to expert for all their plumbing problems.

Encourage Clients and Customers to Leave Reviews and Testimonials

According to multiple local business review sites, almost 90% of all leads from the internet typically check out a company’s ratings online before deciding to either hire or leave them.

This means that not only can you get new business courtesy of reviews and testimonials left on third party social networking websites, negative reviews and unaddressed complaints can drive away a ton of business.

So, if you have done a fantastic job, it’s easy to ask your clients to leave testimonials or reviews of your service on your social media accounts. And if asking nicely doesn’t do it, give them an incentive in exchange for a good word.

This way, when people check out your website or the associated social media accounts and see all these positive reviews and testimonials from verifiable individuals –unlike the standard testimonials you probably have on your website right now- it will encourage them to hire your plumbing service immediately.

Nothing serves to boost a prospect’s or lead’s confidence as well as seeing other people approve of a plumber they intend to hire. This is usually like the last piece of the puzzle that melts away their resistance and breaks down their walls, causing them to pick up their phones and call you.

Finally, you must be consistent and persistent with social media marketing to get great results from it. Social media marketing often takes time, effort and hard work. Many plumbers are often unable to make this work because they give up after a week or two of trying. But as you know, nothing worthwhile happens that quickly. It will take some time before you will see the result of your hard work, but your patience will be rewarded with increased traffic and revenue.

However, with the right experience and knowledge, you can speed up the process, ensuring that you get decent results quicker and faster. If you don’t know how to go about that, get in touch with us at eTraffic Web Marketing. Our team of web marketing experts are always available to help you start your own social media marketing campaign and fast track your success with the marketing medium.

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