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Use Google Alerts to Monitor Your Industry, Competitors and Business

Use Google Alerts to Monitor Your Industry, Competitors and Business


Would you like to spy on your industry rivals, monitor industry updates and news or ride the wave of emerging trends, and use that information to gain a competitive edge over your competitors?

How about finding out what people are saying about your brand in real time? Or how about quickly identifying potential profit opportunities or trouble spots and either put your offer in front of the prospects or use the opportunity to control any damage to your reputation before it gets out of hand?

We bet you like all that, don’t you?

Seriously, who can ever say no to all that? Most especially that being able to do all these presents a unique competitive advantage that any savvy business person can use to corner some extra market share in their industry.

Spying on your competitors is now easier and cheaper than ever before.

This is all possible with the use of Google Alerts. Yes, this is an absolutely amazing free service available at Google.com. This service provides you with incredible leverage and more advantages that include:

  • Finding out brand mentions;
  • Carrying out surveys or polls online;
  • Knowing when the beta version of a new product is rolled out; and
  • Knowing the fan base or tribe

With Google Alerts, small business owners can now compete with big businesses in the same industry because this somewhat levels the playing ground.

At eTraffic, we can help you set up, manage and track all relevant keywords, social and brand mentions using our competition analysis as well as our reputation and social media management skills.

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