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For some time for the marketers and SEO campaigners this newly evolved media tool has become extremely popular. Pinterest opens the door of your cherished wishes to share images and media files on the web in a much personalised way. As part of SEO campaign most marketers are increasingly interested to use Pinterest for SEO as their new platform.

1) What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is basically a personalised photo and media sharing bookmarking website. It let you organise, upload, share and browse images and media and save them on your personalised pin board.


Let’s look at some simple aspects as to understand how it works. You share something on the Pinterest and the bookmark will be called a Pin. Similarly when you share someone else’s pin on Pinterest it is called Repin. You can categorise various Pin boards or boards as per your interest area. This is how the social bookmarking in Pinterest works.

2) How to Start Pinterest?

Starting with Pinterest is as easy as to open a user account and starting to pin images and media files on your personalised pin board and sharing them as you wish. You can upload your images and media files on the website and pin them on one of your pin board or add bookmarks from other websites as pin on your board. You can choose to make the boards or pin boards public or private and can invite others share the pins on the board. It is typically a social bookmarking site based on mutual interest on images and media files. You can follow someone and their pins would show up in some feed on your board. In the home feed sections you can make a collection of the pins and boards you follow.

3) Create your Profile


Creating your Pinterest profile requires some easy and simple steps like uploading your image or refreshing the same image on Facebook or Twitter and putting up some basic information as part of your Pinterest bio. In case of creating a business profile the procedure are almost same except that you require to provide company and business information and you can link your Pinterest profile with your company website and other business profile pages on social networking sites.

  • You can link your Facebook or Twitter account with Pinterest account to augment the sharing experience on the page and extend your reach further.
  • You can use Pinterest for SEO by adding search keyword and hash tag in your description for search engines.

4) Create Pin Board

Pinterest let you create a pin board that you can share in public or can invite people to share. Your uploaded images and media files and bookmarks from other sites are pinned on personalised boards of your preference that you can share with others.

5) How to Pin / How to Pin on Others Pin Board?

In Pinterest every bookmarked image or video is a pin that either you upload or bookmark from other web sources. You can make your pin board open to others for sharing and others can pin images and media files or bookmarks on your board. Similarly you can go pin on others board and thus it works.

6) Optimise your Images

Better image quality would obviously end up giving you better edge in a social image sharing site like Pinterest. Add your keyword in your image title So let your profile carry more weight and reap the benefits of your social networking in Pinterest optimise image quality as much as possible. You can take a help of Professional SMO services provider as they perform the task with expertise.

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