HTTPS Results
HTTPS Results in Google SERP is on the Rise

  If you were looking for conclusive evidence to turn the HTTP website into HTTPS connection, Moz has the report for you. In A research work spanning a greater part of 2016 shows that the HTTPS results on Google first page have increased more than 50%. In other words, a site with HTTPS connection can

Google algorithm
Google and its Algorithm Updates: Is there any Transparency?

There was a time when Google was always forthcoming to announce changes to its algorithm system, a time when Matt Cutts, the head of the Google Webspam Team, would deliver these updates to global SEO enthusiasts and marketers. An authoritative voice, updates from Cutts mattered, and we depended on him to gather informative tidbits about

Connecting with Link Builders
Who are the Stakeholders of a Link Building Campaign?

Link building is a core functionality of online businesses. An online business often hires a link expert or a branding agency to infuse SEO value into their online reputation. However, often we find a single person operating a link building campaign. Is that a positive way of building links? We will explain the various stakeholders

Traditional PR Vs Digital PR

Maintaining public relations is a brand building activity. With its roots in the early 1900s, Basil Clark is famous as the founder of public relations for his initiation of the Editorial Services in the United Kingdom around 1924. PR is practiced by almost every brand, organisation or individual to gain exposure in front of their

Google My Business
Implementing GMB on Multiple Locations without Penalty

The Google My Business (GMB) is a fantastic product which helps businesses to receive a verified Google business page. Having this verified page is a strong local SEO factor that helps businesses to remain ahead of their competitor. However, what about businesses located at multiple locations? Will Google penalize the SERP of businesses for multi-site

Guide for Small Business to Deploy Local SEO Strategies
A Guide for Small Business to Deploy Local SEO Strategies

Local SEO is an increasingly competitive space for small-medium business (SMB) owners. Extensive localisation of businesses is prompting SMB owners to identify and implement new methods to beat the competition. Usually, the local SEO strategies fall under three primary segments: Optimising the business website and its contents Improving the local business citations Continuously working on

local seo
Looking for Success with Local SEO? Follow these 5 Ways

The metrics of local SEO are essential than ever. With businesses struggling to survive in a strong competitive environment, the need for local SEO strategies is rising to maintain visibility in the local market. It makes sense to invest in local search ranking. 5 Ways for Local SEO Success Here they are: #1 Encourage Reviews

Local SEO
Should Your Business Adhere to Local SEO Ranking Factors?

Local Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Search Engine Optimisation compliments your business by increasing your website presence in your local area to encourage new enquiries & ensure it’s easy for existing clients to find you easily. Local SEO should form apart of your bigger digital marketing strategy & will add tremendous value in terms of website

google my business search download access
‘Google My Business’ Increases Search and Download Access

Whether you are a business owner or a manager handling multiple Google My Business accounts, you will now have the provision to search and download 18 months of visibility data. The credit goes to Evan Older to spot the feature a couple of days back. Multiple Google My Business account holders can access and download

5 Basic SEO Strategies
SEO Basics – Learn and Implement these 5 Basic SEO Strategies

SEO is an immensely vast subject, with an ever-increasing literature on the best SEO practices. SEO does not come with a manual. It is work-in-progress, with new strategies and methods added to the concept every year. In this article, we will focus on five basic SEO strategies that you can understand and implement today. #1

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