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Google Search Console Track Desktop Search Features

Some of the reporting capabilities inside Google Search Console have been upgraded by Google in order to monitor new desktop characteristics for the page experience report. When you filter the reports by “excellent page experience,” you can see an increase in the number of impressions in the page experience and performance reports.

Google has provided the following clarification to the announcement as it now stands:

“Search Console now tracks impressions for extra desktop features, like Top Stories, in the Page Experience report. You might observe changes in the desktop impressions in the Page Experience report, in addition to the performance reports when filtered by the “Good Page Experience” search appearance. This is because of the fact that the “Good Page Experience” search appearance has been added.

What Caused The Change?

Within the page experience report, Google omitted some information on desktop features. You could see an increase in impressions beginning on or after May 13 because Google is now tracking and reporting impressions for extra desktop capabilities to provide in the page experience report. When you precisely filter those reports using the “Good Page Experience” search appearance, this can also have an influence on the search and news performance data that are provided by Google Search Console.

Google Search Console Track Desktop Search Features

If you detected a sudden rise in impressions beginning on May 13th, you can dig in and filter by “Good Page Experience” search appearance in the Search and News performance reports to see whether or not this is most likely caused by the new tracking of extra desktop capabilities.

These impressions have always been reported by Google in the other reports however, they have never been logged explicitly for the desktop page experience.

Final Thoughts

Why does it matter to us? In Google Search Console, there has been a change to the reporting system that you need to be aware of. Be careful to annotate your reports and make a note of this change. If you observe substantial changes in overall reporting on or after May 13th, it is more than likely due to this change.

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