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Increase sale in retail with performance max

Website traffic campaigns optimise site traffic and consequently, generate conversions. And now, with Performance Max, you can achieve even better results. 

Performance Max Campaigns is a new form of Google Ads campaign that allows businesses to access all their Google Ads inventory from a single campaign across Google’s Channels. These include Gmail, Search, Display, YouTube, and Maps. By July 2022, all smart shopping and local campaigns will migrate to Performance Max Campaigns.

Sounds like a whole lot of mumbo jumbo? Don’t fret! ETRAFFIC are Performance Max experts who will assist you to generate more conversions across Google’s full range of Ads inventory and channels. Only now, it will be a single page in Google Ads inventory.

Performance Max Campaigns

Consumers are nearly fully shifting to online platforms in search of purchasing inspiration. 70% of buyers, for example, claim that they buy items from a company after seeing it on YouTube, and 91% of Google users claim to have bought or taken shopping-related action straight after discovering new items, services, or brands on their feed.

Performance Max campaigns, therefore, fit very well in today’s world where automation is Google’s best solution for customers’ demands. You can use Performance Max to advertise your company across all Google Ads inventory. As a consequence, you’ll be able to reach out to more customers and increase conversions based on your objectives.  

Performance Max campaigns are putting businesses ahead of ongoing shifts in consumer demand. With this new marketing strategy, more campaigns such as search campaigns will be affected due to how Google prioritises PMCs. That means that you have to jump on the bandwagon! 

What Can You Do With Performance Max? 

The options are limitless. The Performance Max automated optimisation feature, for example, uplifts new businesses through incremental conversions. This improvement in campaigns comes in the form of real-time customer acquisition. 

You can also achieve your new customer acquisition goals. The main improvement with Performance Max campaigns is customer acquisition. You can utilise your data to assist Google to serve and identify new customers with PMC. Better yet, advertisers have several options to select from when identifying new clients. These include;

  • Google’s Autodetection Method. As previously seen in Smart Shopping, the new autodetection in PMCs also contains the Google detected purchase conversion tracking. It also includes a built-in new machine learning system that helps advertisers to make up for low match rates.
  • Conversion Tags. Pixels are still heavily active in Google Ads. The use of conversion tags for procurements will assist these new Performance Max goals eliminate customers that are not new.
  • Customer Match Lists. These lists contain first-party data including postcode, country, first name, last name, phone, and mail. When uploaded Google will issue a match rate showing the number of potential customers with a similar Google account. This will help in targeting.

Increase Sales in Retail with Google's Performance Max

How To Optimise for Online and In-store Goals 

In a recent case study about Performance Max Campaigns, Google explains that Performance Max will help you attain your online and store visits goals in 4 ways:

1). Working with automation to get quality information on users likely to convert.

2). Getting more detailed insights with data on Performance Max campaigns.

3). Discovering new customers.

4). Increasing value and conversions.

After setting up your Performance Max Campaign, there are several strategies you can employ to optimise your campaign better than before. Here is a list of what to do to optimise your Performance Max Campaigns:

  • Undertake uplift tests. This will provide you with insights into the incremental uplift of your ads.
  • Improve your account’s attribution (cross-channel).
  • Protect your branded keywords by adding and sustaining a branded search campaign.
  • Optimise your landing pages (CRO), and pricing.
  • Provide product ratings to Google.
  • Set up seasonal promotions and adjustments during special events.
  • Optimise for client lifetime value. Include value rules and add new customer acquisition goals.
  • Eliminate target placements and URLs. Do away with sensitive placements.
  • Include first-party data. Customer match audiences and remarketing.
  • Divide your campaigns to Performance Max into different target groups based on click products, new products, margin, etc.
  • Improve your products’ feed. Update columns, descriptions, titles, etc.
  • Improve your extensions and creative assets. Observe ad strength and regularly tailor changes for specific promotions or seasons.

What Are the Best Practices for Performance Max Campaigns? 

Here are the best things to do to optimise Performance Max campaigns;

1). Identify your goals: Identity which goals matter most to your business. Then optimise your campaign type to realise them. Goals can include growing offline sales, generating leads, or increasing your online sales.

2). Include audience signals: The most important audience signals to add are your data, which includes, but is not limited to, custom segments, Customer Match, and website visitor lists.

3). Upload many different creative assets: Provide a variety of video, image, and text assets as much as you can. Automation works best when it has a list of different creative assets to work with to spot the correct combinations.

4). Always leave Final URL expansion on Final URL Expansion, a new feature, that will assist you to discover new-fangled, converting search queries. These are not always covered by your keyword-based search campaigns.

5). Set up the correct bidding approach. Select any from the following options:

  • Maximise conversion goals: Drive as many conversions as possible.
  • Maximise conversion value: Right within your budget, drive as much conversion value as possible.
  • Smart Bidding: Automatically set bids as per your business goals.

Final thoughts

PMCs are bringing a lot to the table: automation, increased traffic, new clients, conversions, you name it! PMCs are a tremendous upgrade from Smart Shopping campaigns because of the new options on the extra insights page in Google Ads and creative assets. 

Our advice to you is to start experimenting with PMCs today. If you use Smart Shopping Campaigns to run Ads in several countries, start using PMCs in 1 country first. We’ve seen several clients running Performance Max Campaigns via the beta version, with strong results over a long-time frame.

Set up your Performance Max campaigns with ETRAFFIC!

Performance Max campaigns provide exclusive benefits for local businesses and retailers. Though they may be difficult to maneuver, ETRAFFIC is here to help. ETRAFFIC can assist you through this journey by providing easy-step opportunities to access Ad inventory and formats via PMCs. 

These features are not readily available with the current Shopping and Local campaigns to Performance Max. Though the process may appear daunting at first, setting up Performance Max Campaigns is not hard. After setting up your goals, we will guide you through a step-by-step workflow, where you will be able to add your creative assets. 

Want to learn more about Performance Max campaigns? Please call us at ETRAFFIC today at 1300 887 151 or book a free strategy session below.


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