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The goal of any business is to serve as many customers and or clients as possible. Whether you are a company operating as business-to-business or a company operating in the business-to-customer sphere, you need to let as many people as possible know about and understand your products and services. This is where lead generation comes into the picture as this is the first step of the sale cycle. 

Understanding Lead Generation And Lead Generation Marketing

Marketing blindly without optimising the conversion of the traffic you get to paying customers results in a low return on investment (ROI). This is where lead generation becomes an important factor as this helps you converts mere website visitors into potential customers and or clients. 

After attracting a qualified audience to your website through content marketing, social media posts, or other channels, you use a strategically placed call-to-action (CTA) to encourage your audience to take a specific action. When your audience clicks the CTA, they are redirected to a landing page – a page designed to capture the information of the audience. Once you obtain the necessary information, you have generated a lead.

Lead generation marketing is the process of setting up the various components of lead generation in place (such as the content, the landing pages, optimising the CTA, etc.). Crucially lead generation marketing involves using the various marketing channels (social media, ads, website blogs, email marketing, referrals, retargeting, etc.) to drive the lead generation process of attracting traffic and directing the traffic to your website and ultimately, your landing page.

The Importance Of Our Lead Generation Services To Your Business

The importance of lead generation for any business cannot be overstated. ETRAFFIC’s lead generation services are designed to tackle every aspect of lead generation. From setting up the foundation structure of the lead generation process to steering lead-generation marketing, we take care of all your lead generation needs. We take a comprehensive approach to our lead generation services, which ensures we take full advantage of all the marketing channels, platforms, and all the advanced lead generation tactics.

The net effect is a lead generation marketing process that is finely tuned to attain new leads in readiness for the conversion process. As such, you can rest assured of an increase in the number of potential clients and customers.

How We Can Help You

As an experienced digital marketing company, we specialise in helping businesses improve their lead generation processes and activities. We operate as an extension of your in-house marketing department to develop strategies that increase the number of leads your business gets.

With that strategy in mind, we use a multi-point approach consisting of email marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, and high-quality landing pages with highly optimised calls-to-action to improve the effectiveness of your lead generation endeavours. Additionally, we ensure we retarget the various types of leads (including marketing qualified leads, sales qualified leads, sales qualified leads, product qualified leads, and service qualified leads), increasing their chances of converting into customers.

Importantly, we can help you test, refine, and optimise your lead generation process and ensure we test the processes, content and calls-to-action continually, while also checking the effectiveness of every marketing channel used to generate leads. 

After that, we use the results of the test to refine and optimise every aspect of the lead generation process to accrue optimal results. Over time, and as trends change, we can help you optimise your lead generation process through constant monitoring and by making the necessary changes.

Our Process

The first step in our process is for you to book a consultation with one of our specialists. During our consultation, we will discuss what your company is currently doing with regards to marketing and lead generation. Additionally, we will check on your competition to understand what they are doing, where they are getting it right, and, crucially, the opportunities they are not taking advantage of.

With a good understanding of your current situation and what we face, we will develop a lead generation strategy and map the entire process to meet your needs. We show you how we will generate and convert leads to bolster your bottom line and potentially help you grow your company.

Our Points of Difference

  • Client-Centric Services – We are in the business of helping our clients grow and thrive. When you add ETRAFFIC to your marketing team, we make it our priority to meet your needs on every front. While lead generation is the primary goal, we also endeavour to meet your needs on the communications front. Whatever questions or concerns you might have, we are always available to answer you.
  • Efficient Strategies Customised For Your Company – As an extension of our client-centric approach to service delivery, we customise our lead generation strategies to suit individual clients. We do not deploy a one-size-fits-all strategy. Most importantly, we also use the multiple touchpoint approach, ensuring that every visitor is retargeted to increase the conversion rate.
  • Return On Investment-Focused Services – Our goal is to help your business grow in the short and long-term. As such, we endeavour to produce the highest ROI, bolstering your bottom-line, and increasing your profitability.
  • Experienced Personnel – Our entire team of digital marketing professionals has accrued years of hands-on experience. We draw from our expertise in everything we do, from drawing up lead generation strategies to testing, optimising, and retargeting the leads for increased lead generation.

If you are ready for the best lead generation services in Melbourne, call us on 1300 887 151 and book your FREE 30 Minute Digital Strategy Session. We have successfully helped hundreds of businesses improve their lead generation to the benefit of their bottom line. Do not be left behind. Call Us Today!

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