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Regardless of how big or established your business is, you have to spend your money wisely. You need to know about every single expense that is incurred and how it is helping your business to develop. However, with marketing, the results you get are never guaranteed. This is what makes any type of PPC (Pay-Per-Click) marketing such a gamble. 

While this approach is very effective, when not approached properly, it can actually see your business bleed money instead of generating it. As professionals with more than enough experience to offer, at ETRAFFIC, we are able to help our clients develop and realise their marketing objectives. The best part is that we can speed up how quickly you can gain exposure. 

Grab Attention

Exposure is a crucial element for any business. Startups, in particular, are always in search of channels where more exposure can be created. And the cheaper the platform, the better. Platforms like Google Adwords present this type of marketing opportunity. You do not require a big budget to gain exposure, but you can still grab a lot of attention from quality traffic. 

However, PPC campaigns can only take potential clients to a certain point. There still needs to be a funnel of some kind to receive users and turn the lead into a conversion. At the same time, you have to grab as much attention as possible with your ads if you want the funnel to perform its function. 

Timing Makes The Difference

When you decide to run your PPC campaign is another key factor that you need to consider. More importantly, you want to make your ads public when people are in a shopping mood. Running ads 24-hours a day can simply be a waste of money, considering specific timing can be more profitable. However, how exactly do you define the best moment to launch a campaign? This is where our expertise at ETRAFFIC makes all the difference. It is our job to know these things, and we use our knowledge to your advantage.   

Targeted Marketing

Considering that PPC campaigns carry more risk compared to some other digital marketing strategies, it is critically important that it is approached with the utmost precision. Just like you have to be on the ball in terms of timing, focusing on users more likely to convert significantly minimises spending. So, you have to ask yourself whether you want to make the most of every campaign? Or can you afford to spend money on users that are clearly not interested? 

Our Process

An assessment of your business is the best place to start. You tell us about the specific goals you want to accomplish with regard to pay-per-click marketing, and we do our best to devise the most effective strategy to achieve this. If there is something we always keep in mind, it is that every business is unique and their specific campaigns are different. We pay close attention to the details of your business model, then we build the gateway for boosting exposure in the most creative way possible. 

More and more people are turning to digital platforms for various reasons. Some like a more comfortable shopping experience, while others are in search of special services. And at the heart of all the searching, there are engines that control what users see and do not see. 

And given this information, balancing all the elements that go into a PPC campaign should never be underestimated. Even if you have a well-devised business model that can sell itself, you still have to spread the word and make people aware of it. With a pay-per-click campaign, we do the research and try our best to understand who you should be targeting. By taking this approach, you will save money and see higher returns. 

Our Points Of Difference

With so many empty promises floating around, how can you trust that a PPC agency like us will help you reach your goals? Well, the only true way to find out is by consulting with us and actually running the PPC campaign. However, to give you some idea of what sets us apart from our peers, here are some of the principles we build our services on.

Open-Minded And Ready To Learn:

The internet and how it is used will never stop evolving. Hence the reason for always staying up to date with these changes. Even though we have mastered strategies that are relevant to your business right now, it would be ignorant to think these strategies are everlasting. This is why we continue to learn, experiment and execute our strategies according to what search engines and online users are searching for.

We Only Use Advanced Strategies:

As we stay on top of every digital development related to marketing, we only use the most advanced methods to bring your ads to the public. Always remember your competition and question whether they are willing to settle for anything less than front-page exposure? Probably not. And what about you? Are you willing to settle for basic approaches that barely scratch the surface of potential exposure?

Our Experience Speeds Up The Process

When it comes to placing ads through Google Adwords, there are no special requirements. You do not need a professional to guide you or to even create the ad. However, how effective will the campaign ultimately be? Factors like strong keywords and market research are going to play a major part. And mastering these skills definitely takes time. Unless, of course, you tap into our experience instead.

Only Use The Best To Get The Best Results

You are free to choose any PPC agency in Melbourne, and you should always make objective comparisons. However, why not start the comparison with us? Schedule a consultation with us so you experience how we approach PPC marketing and understand why we do things the way we do them.

At ETRAFFIC, we are extremely confident that you will not find a PPC agency more dedicated, creative, and experienced than ours. We love what we do, whether it involves running pay-per-click campaigns, SEO, or social media, our expertise varies according to your needs. So, we invite you to schedule an appointment and learn how we can give your business the exposure you desire.

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