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How To Win Customers And Influence Web Traffic

In the modern world, creating a website is a fundamental step towards business success. It’s an integral foundation for building an online presence and growing your business, regardless of the size of your business.

Once people visit your site, you can learn more about them, and then you can potentially convert them into a client, partner, or even an advocate. If any of these things occur, it’s a win. So, how do you get website visitors?

In this article, we’ll explore the most effective strategies for winning clients and influencing sales with your website.

1. Content Creation

Primarily, inbound marketing works on attracting the right people to your business. One of the best methods of doing this is by creating relevant content through blogging.

To create content that will bring the right visitors to your site, you should know the buyer persona you are targeting. After you understand your audience, you can come up with content that will draw them to your website.

So, how do you write a blog post that will attract the right audience?

  • Establish your buyer persona: Learn everything about your target market from job title to pain points.
  • Perform SEO keyword research: Understand what your potential customers are searching for on search engines so you can deliver the most relevant content possible.
  • Write a draft: Start by drafting a post that responds to your audience’s questions. 
  • Publish: Use search engine optimisation tools to optimise your content.
  • Content marketing: This involves promoting your blog post on email newsletters and social media to generate traffic to ultimately boost its ranking in the search engines.

2. Map The Customer Journey

You need to understand the customer journey via the decision funnel. This can cover everything from the moment they’re aware of an opportunity or issue right through to when they actually decide to buy from you.

Generally, customer journey mapping will help you create quality content that guides buyers through the purchasing funnel.

3. Organic Social Media

Although organic social media isn’t a new strategy, it’s still something marketers should focus on. Apart from posting on social media platforms, you could use Instagram Stories, IGTV, live video or Facebook Messenger. The crucial thing with organic social media is to become an early adopter of new characteristics.

It’s also crucial to get a diverse social media strategy and adopt the proper social media platforms – and not just Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Platforms such as Pinterest or YouTube can generate a lot of traffic to your website.

How To Win Customers And Influence Web Traffic

4. Topic Expertise

A higher rank in Google will boost the organic traffic to your website. Google tends to favour websites that are believed to be topic experts on the particular subject they’re writing about.

To be viewed as an expert, you may create a pillar page. Essentially, this is a longer blog post that generally covers all topic aspects. You then write supporting blog posts or cluster content, targeting long-tail keywords that illustrate you have covered a topic exhaustively. Paying more attention to long-term traffic will help you to rank higher on search engines.

5. Answer Important Questions 

One of the best methods of driving traffic to your site is by answering the questions potential customers ask. If you properly answer the right questions, you’ll increase the amount of time that visitors remain on your website and reduce the bounce rate.

You also have a chance of showing up in the organic search results’ featured snippet, which can also generate a huge amount of traffic. 

6. Influencer Marketing

Influencers exist in literally all industries, including HR, gardening, beauty, and IT. Some only have a few thousand followers while others have millions. Nevertheless, micro-influencers usually bring more measurable outcomes compared to big-name celebrities. Typically, that’s because they have much more engaged and passionate followers.

Since micro-influencers spend quite a bit of energy on developing trust with their followers, they have in-depth knowledge of what their audience likes and what they will respond to. Therefore, use micro-influencers upstream for uncovering important insighst. Afterwards, collaborate with them on new innovative ideas, including social media marketing and giveaways.

Once you collaborate and develop a relationship with influencers, it may result in an influx of traffic and leads.

7. Email List Building/Email Marketing

Using your present readers and customers is an excellent method of driving traffic to your site. If you post a new product offer or blog article, you can advertise it to your followers/subscribers for an increased boost in traffic. Having repeat readership is beneficial for traffic goals, conversions, and overall lead generation in content-heavy websites.

Despite being around for over 25 years, email remains a very powerful marketing tool. The primary reason why email marketing is extremely effective is that it’s generally your traffic source. Furthermore, it is a little more personal than other forms of marketing such as social media. It also gives you a lot more control over the content you actually want to share with your audience. For example, if you’d like people to visit a specific page on your website, advertise it to your email subscribers.

How To Win Customers And Influence Web Traffic

8. On-Page SEO

This can help your website have a higher ranking in search engines and ultimately attract more traffic. Some on-page SEO elements comprise the URL, image alt-text, meta description, page title, and header. Appearing in search engines will boost traffic for your website. That’s why you need to create an unstoppable SEO strategy. 

9. Quality Backlinks

To drive traffic to your website, you need to have a higher ranking in the search engines. And that means you need to become an authority in your industry. One of the best ways of doing this is by getting quality backlinks. In case sites with relatively higher authority link to your website, it offers you more credibility.

There are two primary methods in which high-quality backlinks can help bring more traffic to your website: increasing ranking and driving more referral traffic. Backlinks are also one of the crucial ranking factors for all major search engines out there. By steadily getting high-quality backlinks from relevant sites, you will improve your SERP rankings and, consequently, see an increase in your organic traffic.

Backlinks can also attract a huge amount of referral traffic. This is something you should expect if you’re mentioned on a news website. You could also get referral traffic coming through if you’re mentioned in an article with a better ranking for high search volume keywords and is having a constant flow of traffic.

10. Video Marketing

You should incorporate video marketing into your content strategy as a massive majority of people search for video content. Research shows that 77% of internet users (15 – 35 years old) are using YouTube to consume their video content. 

The other important point is that most people don’t realise that YouTube is actually the second largest website in the world after Google. This makes video marketing an extremely important component of any marketing strategy.

11. SEO Tools

If you want to drive traffic to your site, it’s imperative to be an SEO student. Learning various SEO tools like Google Analytics, SEMrush, and Ahrefs will help you build a strategy for generating traffic to your site.

These tools will assist you to learn and evaluate what’s working on your website and what isn’t. What’s more, these help you to come up with content ideas that have the potential to bring high traffic and can also help you analyse what your competitors are doing with their marketing campaigns.

12. Strategic Partnerships

Create strategic partnerships with other groups, organisations, and brands to expand your audience and increase website traffic. Once you partner with others, you’ll have access to their audience and they’ll get access to yours. You’ll suddenly be in front of a new group of potential customers. This is a method in which you can double your audience with only half the effort. What’s more, you can augment the advantages when you add referrals to each other via the process.

Your partnerships don’t have to be that outrageous. Some simple methods of partnering include collaborating on videos, conducting joint webinars or podcasts, organising a joint launch, or guest blogging. You should only be able to add value to one other.

13. Voice Search Optimisation

When it comes to digital marketing, it’s imperative to show up where potential customers are searching to drive traffic to your site. Here are several tips to get started with optimising your content for voice search.

  • Research long-tail keywords: Usually, when people apply voice search, they often speak in full sentences instead of short phrases. Begin researching longer-tail keywords to optimise for voice search.
  • Optimise for snippets: Most smart speakers such as Google Home and Alexa look for brief, concise answers. Putting down quick summaries in your posts will make it easier for smart speakers and search engines to find the solution they require.
  • Write answer-focused content: Generally, the content you write needs to answer your target audience’s questions.

14. Local SEO

Local SEO is an essential factor to consider, especially if your business is a brick-and-mortar store. To collect data for local search, most search engines depend on signals like local content, citations, links, and social profile pages to deliver the most appropriate local results to the user.

15. A/B Testing

Apart from driving traffic to your site, you can tell you’re a marketer if your motto becomes, “Test, test, and test again.”

So what is A/B testing? This is a split test that will help you establish what campaign version works best. With these tests, you can get useful information about your target audience to help you create customised content and offers that draw in traffic to your website. 

16. Technical SEO

Primarily, technical SEO works on your website’s backend to find out how your pages are technically organised and set up. Factors include elements such as indexing, crawling, page loading speed, and more. 

How To Win Customers And Influence Web Traffic

17. CTR Optimisation

After your content is posted and you start ranking on search engines, ensure that your targeted audience is clicking through to read your specific posts. In general, your click-through rate, or CTR, measures the number of people who clicked on the post and read it compared to those who viewed the link to the post (for example, the landing page, advertisement, or email).

Google Search Console is an excellent tool for measuring your organic CTR. To get more people clicking through and ultimately driving traffic to your website, you need to write enticing and compelling meta descriptions and titles. And to write quality, click-worthy meta tags, ensure that your titles are snappy and brief, and your description makes visitors want more. 

18. Academy And  Knowledge Base Posts

A type of content that can drive traffic to your site is educational, fresh content. If you create educational posts, certifications, or courses that are useful to your audience, you will likely see a boost in traffic.

19. Content Offers

Sometimes known as lead magnets, content offers are a great method of using content to drive traffic to your website and ultimately generate leads. Content offers differ based on what part of the buyer’s journey your potential customer is in but may include webinars, checklists, demo, trials, reports, and more.

Paid Ways to Increase Your Website’s Traffic

Now we will take a look below are some paid ways that you can get more traffic to your website:

1. Paid Advertising

Paid advertising can help you drive website traffic quickly. With search engines, you can run retargeting or pay-per-click Google ads. And with social media, you can run sponsored posts or display Facebook ads. Your strategy will most probably involve a combination of various forms of advertising such as display, search ads, and social media. 

2. Contests And Giveaways

One of the simplest methods of driving traffic to your site is via contests and giveaways. It can provide you with a quick boost and rewards your followers at the same time. You can even host giveaways on your social media platform, via your email list.

3. Guest Posting

Writing guest posts may also draw in traffic to your website. Guest posting generally shows that you are active in your particular community while linking to your website. If you are looking to utilise a guest posting strategy, you’ll need to find a website that is a good match for your company, then draft a blog post, and write a pitch. 

Final Thoughts

Although every small business owner is always busy, making time to market your website is essential. You might have the best website ever, but if you can’t drive traffic to it, nobody will know how good the website, or your business, actually is. It’s a fundamental element for growing your business, and it’s definitely worth the effort.


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