How Can Bing Ads Help Your Business?

If you think that Bing advertising doesn’t offer substantial value to your business, you should think again. 

Although Bing doesn’t have the search volumes that Google currently has, Bing is owned by Microsoft, and they partner with another two popular search engines – Yahoo and AOL. 

So when you advertise on Bing, your ad will be seen across all three search engines – giving your ad far greater reach. 

Are you looking for a reputable and experienced Bing ad management agency in Australia? 

If so, you don’t have to look further than ETRAFFIC. We are a trusted name when it comes to all types of PPC advertising services in Australia. 

Why Bing?

Did you know that Bing gets over 59-million searches that aren’t reached on Google? Yes, Bing has 5-billion monthly searches and a 31.3% market share in the industry. 

The number of customers that use Bing as their main search engine is much more than what you think. This number has been steadily increasing due to Bing’s partnerships with Yahoo and AOL. 

Today, Bing accounts for more than 15% of total Australian searches – which can bring you some unique clients and improve your conversion rates at lower costs. 

In fact, a third of Bing customers have an income of $100k and are highly educated. 

If your target audience fits this demographic, you should definitely invest in Bing advertising as your most profitable leads may come from Bing. 

You can target the audience better with Bing advertising. The ability to control the gender and age demographics in Bing could make a huge difference to your conversion rates as well as the bottom line. 

Demographic targeting on Bing can be controlled at the campaign or ad group level. 

That’s why you need to invest in Bing advertising without delay. 

More Traffic With Less Money

Microsoft Search Network still has a lower cost per click (CPC) compared to Google ads. 

You can easily allocate a smaller percentage of your ad spend on Bing advertising and get a higher ROI. 

Bing lets you reach 59-million searches that cannot be reached with Google ads. 

You can simply complement your Google advertising with Bing ads and increase your customer reach even further. 

People are already looking for your business and Bing is the cheapest network to connect with them. 

Don’t waste your money by investing all of it in advertising networks that have a higher cost per click. 

Why not get more traffic with less money by investing in Bing advertising right now?

Why Choose eTraffic For Bing Advertising?

If you want to diversify your PPC strategy, you should definitely opt for Bing advertising. 

Users of Bing spend more per session because you will attract a high-income audience there. 

Bing users are usually homeowners or parents who are less tech-savvy. 

If you want to explore a Bing advertising strategy that your competitors are not, you should call ETRAFFIC to discuss your options. We are your trusted partner when it comes to Bing advertising in Australia. 

We provide blended campaigns for our customers so that they can get the best of both worlds. We recommend using both Google and Bing ads to take your business to the next level. 

Our expert team can cultivate a blended marketing campaign to hit home with the different demographics of both search engines. You will reach an audience that most of your competitors have not even thought about. 

We are able to do this because employ some of the best Bing ad specialists in Australia who are highly creative, skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced in the industry. 


We emphasise conversion rates and help minimise the cost per lead. Our experts will review the data and perform systematic testing to improve your marketing campaigns. That’s why you can depend on ETRAFFIC for all your Bing advertising needs in Australia for your local business.

Our Process

Being a pioneer in search engine marketing, ETRAFFIC helps our clients to expand into new markets and advertising mediums. Our cost-effective Bing ad campaigns cater to all types of businesses and all sizes of PPC budgets. 

Our approach is methodical and highly effective. In fact, we ensure our clients get the highest possible ROI in the process. Here is our process:

Our Points Of Difference

  • We have a team of marketing experts working exclusively for Bing ad campaigns
  • We have a team of copywriters, designers, and developers who can create highly effective Bing ad campaigns
  • Our team will help maximise your conversion rates and minimise the cost per lead
  • We will review all the data and perform systematic testing to improve the ad campaigns
  • Our Google Ads and Bing Ads are separate divisions
  • We provide the client with a dedicated Bing account manager to oversee the entire campaign and coordinate all activities with the customer

Are you searching for a reliable Bing ad management agency in Australia? If so, don’t look any further than ETRAFFIC. 

We are a trusted name when it comes to highly effective Bing advertising campaigns. 

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