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    Increase sale in retail with performance max

    Website traffic campaigns optimise site traffic and consequently, generate conversions. And now, with Performance Max, you can achieve even better results.  Performance Max

    Deep Dive Into AI in SEO Search

    First of all, what is AI? AI stands for Artificial Intelligence and is a technology and branch of computer science concerned with the

    This Week in Marketing #TWiM 4th July 2022 TikTok to Launch ‘Attribution Manager’ to Increase Ad Performance Tracking Capacity Google Updated Guidelines For

    How to optimise google ads

    Google Performance Max is the latest Google Ads offering by the search giant. Since its rollout in the second half of 2021, the

    How Start With Performance Max Campaigns

    Starting a performance max campaign can be both an easy and daunting task. However, before you start, it would be best to seek

    This Week in Marketing #TWiM 27th June 2022 Google Makes Search Console Reports Simpler With These Changes Does Using a CDN Boost Ranking

    Achieve Your Goals With Performance Max 

    Performance Max refers to a recent goal-based campaign allowing Google Ads marketers to access multiple ads within a single movement. It is an

    This Week in Marketing #TWiM 20th June 2022 Google Introduces New Rules For Financial Services And Products Advertisers In Australia Google May 2022

    So, YouTube has announced the implementation of a weekly ad frequency cap for video ads that will allow advertisers to limit the number

    TikTok Launches New Insights Tool For Business

    TikTok has introduced a new tool that can help marketers refine their digital marketing campaigns to reach different demographic targets. Called “Insights,” this

    Using Search Term 'Near Me' Doesn't Increase Ranking of Brand Names

    The search term ‘near me’ has been used for some time by those involved in local SEO as part of the keyword optimisation

    This Week in Marketing #TWiM 13th June 2022 Google adds author markup best practices to help documents Google Search displays more FAQ rich

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