most trusted ecommerce platforms
4 Most Reputable Ecommerce Platforms for your Online Business

Ecommerce platforms are a must-have in this era of technology-driven business. They facilitate the smooth running of online stores; from their website to their inventory, sales, and other business activities. SaaS ecommerce platforms save you the development cost and trouble of coding your own software, give you unlimited bandwidth and offer you and your clients

Content Visually Impaired People
9 Ways To Make Content Accessible For Visually Impaired People

It is estimated that about 1.3 billion people around the world suffer from some form of vision impairment. Vision impairment spans a variety of disabilities and issues, with low vision, blindness, and colour blindness being the most prominent. Vision impairment may have limited people’s online screen experience in the past, but the technological advancements of

valentine’s day business ideas
Valentine’s Day Business Ideas

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. According to numerous studies, Australians are expected to spend some serious cash for Valentine’s Day this year. The latest data from Commonwealth Bank reveals that Australians spent more than $23 million on Valentine’s Day in 2017. In fact, consumers spent $13.6 million on dinner, $7 million on beverages,

effective valentines day campaigns
Fun And Effective Valentine’s Day Campaigns

Australians are expected to spend some serious money on Valentine’s Day 2019. The statistics reveal that consumers spent more than $23 million on Valentine’s Day in 2017. More than thirteen million dollars from this amount was spent on dinner and seven million on drinks. Also, approximately 3.2 million was spent on flowers the same year.

valentines day marketing ideas
Valentine’s Day Marketing Strategies For Your Small Business

One of the biggest events in terms of consumer spending in Australia is now here. As a savvy marketer, you know what that means – getting customers to show their love for each other with your products. Australia’s love for Valentine’s Day looks set to continue this year too, with consumers expected to spend more

Valentine's Day Marketing Ideas
Valentine’s Day Marketing Ideas For Businesses

Valentine’s Day is upon us again, the international day of love which has a special meaning for everyone. More and more Australians are celebrating Valentine’s Day each year and as a result, there is a lot of online shopping being done. Valentine’s Day Marketing Tips Most people use this time to buy something nice for

Marketing to Chinese Australians
Tips for Marketing to Chinese Australians

There is a huge community of Chinese people living and working in Australia. This market is ripe for capturing, whether it’s promoting your business to those visiting for a short time, or to reach them to sell foods, clothing and luxury goods.  The Chinese community is a vibrant and passionate one, and many Chinese people

Chinese New Year Marketing Campaigns ideas
Creative and Innovative Chinese New Year Marketing Campaigns 2019

As Christmas is important to Western consumers, Chinese consumers spend billions of Yuan during the Chinese New Year festival. As usual, there are businesses everywhere trying to cash in on the festivities. That is why you should try to get the maximum out of the festive season with the right Chinese New Year marketing campaigns.

grow your business 2019
5 Ways to Safely Grow your Business in 2019

If you want to grow your business in 2019, having a solid plan of how you will do it is mandatory. Working hard, learning the business tricks, building a strong foundation, having an insight into the future, utilising small business loans and enhancing the customer’s experience are some of the things that will keep your

marketing strategies for chinese new year
Marketing Strategies For Chinese New Year

With the Chinese Lunar New Year approaching fast, Chinese Australians are preparing to celebrate this grand occasion. With more than 1.1 million Asians living in Australia – including 800,000 Chinese – you should definitely target this market segment over the coming weeks. More brands are involving themselves in the celebrations with each passing year. Is

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