Search engine marketing (SEM) is crucial for all businesses across different industries. It combines different strategies and techniques to get more traffic to your website. SEM uses paid search, organic search rankings and contextual advertising to promote your website visibility on search engines. 


Consider working with a reputable digital marketing agency like ETRAFFIC to create a successful SEM strategy for your business. Please call us today at 1300 887 151 to learn how search engine marketing can help you or book a free strategy session below.

ROI What You Need From An SEM Agency

Anyone with a business that has an online presence wants to rank high on the search engine result pages (SERP). Search engines are an essential part of our lives, and it is easy to find whatever you want by keying it into a search engine. Once the search engine result page provides answers, most people will click on the first few answers on the results page. 

With proper SEO strategies, your business page can rank high on the SERP through an organic search. However, you need to conduct thorough research for your SEM to succeed and give you an ROI. You will need well thought out and researched marketing strategies and media planning and buying so your target audience can view your brand when you execute your SEM.  

Before launching your SEM campaigns, ensure you have done your due diligence. ETRAFFIC are experts when it comes to SEM campaigns and will ensure you get your ROI. We have the experience and take a business-specific approach to ensure the results meet your business goals.

Search Engine Marketing Services We Offer

At ETRAFFIC, we offer a range of SEM services to help scale small businesses and bigger corporations. Our services include:

SEO services

We help you optimise your website so potential clients can find you through organic search.

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Google partner

Some of the benefits of working with a Google partner include effective Google ads and a pay-per-click marketing strategy. At ETRAFFIC, we maximise every dollar you have invested and deliver effective results.

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Email marketing

Email marketing is a form of digital marketing strategy that is affordable and fairly easy to implement. It involves sending emails to a list of contacts who have agreed to receive email communication from your business.

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Web development

We can help your business with your web development. We have the skills to create websites with a strong internet presence in their industry.

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Digital marketing

Our digital marketing services can take your business to newer heights. There are plenty of digital channels where you can get leads who will gradually convert to paying clients. Fundamentally, digital marketing is promoting your business utilising the different channels online to connect with your potential clients.

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Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing uses the reach and influence of top-level industry professionals, opinion leaders, and social media content creators to drive conversions and boost brand awareness.

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Conversion rate optimisation

Each website has unique objectives. The conversion rate is when the website turns visitors into enquiries or paying customers, often measured as a percentage. Ultimately, conversion rate optimisation refers to increasing that percentage.

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Digital PR

Our digital PR service is a marketing strategy that boosts your online presence. You can improve your web presence by fostering relationships with key online journalists and influencers and getting backlinks to your landing page and brand mentions. As a result, you can establish yourself as a dominant force in your industry.

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Benefits Of Hiring An SEM Agency

There are multiple benefits of hiring an SEM agency. Some of the benefits SEM can offer your business include:

Brand awareness
SEM can help you create brand awareness. Your brand can gain significant awareness from paid search, Google AdWords and optimisation to get to the first SERP on different search engines.
Quick results
Employing SEM to your business can help you get results in a shorter period of time, especially when your services and products get visibility. SEM is one of the best ways to get your ROI.
Laser-focused targeting
SEM ensures you target individuals interested in your products or services.
Ads are highly optimised
With well-planned marketing strategies, you can get your products or services to reach the right target audience.

Sky Rocket Your ROI With SEM Services

SEM services can significantly scale your ROI when done the right way. It will be best to work with professionals as they understand SEM better and can help develop and refine your SEM strategies. Are you running an SEM campaign? Get the most out of your SEM campaign and partner with our team today and increase conversions. 

Trusted SEM Company in Melbourne

SEM or search engine marketing is a broad term used to describe all digital marketing techniques that help improve the visibility of your website in search engine result pages (SERPS). 

SEM will attract high-quality traffic to your site that’s likely to result in better conversions in the long run. 

With hundreds of SEM agencies operating in Melbourne, choosing a reputable SEM agency isn’t easy. 

That’s where ETRAFFIC comes to the fore. 

We are a trusted name when it comes to all types of effective and highly customised digital marketing strategies for your business. 

Following is why you should choose ETRAFFIC for all your search engine marketing needs.

SEM Expertise Like No Other

Our expert SEM team will see that both your organic and paid search engine strategies are highly optimised, aligned, and operating in cohesion to devise the best SEM strategy for your small business. 

SEM is a non-intrusive method of advertising because people are already searching for your product or service on Google. 

With the right SEM strategy, you will tap into this voluntary user journey to create an audience-driven advertising solution that resonates with the potential customer. 

This increases the chances of the potential customer interacting with you and clicking on your paid or organic search results. 



That’s why you need to work with a reliable SEM agency when devising the right search engine marketing strategy for your business. 

That is what makes ETRAFFIC your perfect choice for all your search engine marketing strategies and to take your small business to the next level. 

At ETRAFFIC, we love meeting potential clients and showing them how search engine marketing can help maximise their growth potential. 

Rather than relying on a boring old telephone call, one of our expert team members will come to your office and teach you how SEM can help take your small business to the next level in a short time.


Open And Honest Communication

We have no hidden agenda or strings attached to our SEM strategies. We truly believe in our ability as an SEM agency and we can help you get a highly personalised SEM experience. 

That’s why you can rely on our expert team to devise the most effective SEM strategy to take your business to the next level. 

At ETRAFFIC, we understand that no two businesses are alike when it comes to devising the right SEM strategy for them. 

Each business will have its own unique characteristics and will need a specialised approach to improve its rankings on Google and the other search engines. 

There is no cookie-cutter approach to digital marketing when devising an effective SEM strategy for your business. 

Only an experienced SEM agency knows how to devise the right strategy for businesses in different industries to rank them higher in the search engines. 

We use our tracking and researching experience when devising the best SEM strategy for your business.

Our Process


First, our team will talk to you to find out your business objectives. We will then run a website audit to see how we can update your site so that your user journey meets your website objectives. Once we are satisfied with your website, we will create a keyword report. This will show you what your competition is doing and where the opportunities lie.


Once we know your website objectives and what your competition is doing, we will devise a marketing plan that highlights where your money will be spent and what your ROI is going to be - based on your website objectives. We will devise an effective SEO strategy for your business and write and generate search ads using Google's best practices.


Our expert team will set up your Google Adwords account and create ad campaigns that are aligned with your SEM plan. We will optimise your ads and continue to improve your results on a weekly basis.


Every month, our experts will send you an SEM report that shows your gains and conversions. Your business will greatly benefit from our expertise in the industry.


We work with businesses of all sizes. Our team is happy to have a chat with you to let you know how SEM can help your brand reach your online objectives.

Call our expert team to improve your search engine rankings and increase your conversions and profits as a result.

Our Points Of Difference

We understand your goals – As a reliable SEM agency, ETRAFFIC makes sure that we understand our client’s business goals as intimately as possible. 

All other decisions are made only after we know your objectives. 

Even the best website in the world is worthless if it doesn’t help reach your objectives.

We value you – We do business with integrity, honesty, and a sincere heart for others. 

We won’t be selling you anything you don’t need. We treat all clients with respect and kindness. 

We track – Visitor tracking has let us quantify our success and let us see what is working and what is not. 

We send monthly reports to you and full traffic data will be available online anytime. 

We deliver on time – We know that time is money in business. 

Our team will always set realistic goals and stick to them. 

We constantly communicate with our clients to give them the best marketing experience possible.


SEM Company FAQs

SEM is both paid and unpaid. SEM works with different search engines, including Yahoo, Google and Bing and other digital marketing channels such as picture ads and video ads. 

There are different SEM jobs. SEM jobs involve implementing and managing search campaigns to improve a business’ visibility. SEM jobs cover a range of things like web analytics, web marketing, content strategy planning and identifying trends. 

The distinguishing difference between SEO and SEM is SEO involves an organic procedure to increase your search engine ranking. On the other hand, SEM is a paid marketing approach that lets you carry out promotions for your business across different marketing channels. 

SEM is not the same as Google ads. SEM includes PPC advertising, SEO and SERM. On the other hand, Google ads is a component of SEM. Google is a single search engine. SEM can be applied across multiple search engines.

Facebook marketing is not an SEM but rather a type of social media marketing. 

No, social media is not an SEM. There are different social media platforms, and you can employ social media marketing in your business. However, social media is not an SEM.

Pay-per-click is a form of online advertising. On the other hand, SEM is a blanket term for any marketing or activity that makes it easier when it comes to finding a specific website on a search engine. PPC is a component of SEM.

If you are searching for the best search engine marketing agency in Melbourne, Call ETRAFFIC today on 1300 887 151 to implement the right SEM strategy for you and increase your conversions and profits in the long run.

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