Customer-Brand Engagement (CBE) is another term for Customer Engagement (CE). We can trace the genesis of CE to the emergence of two-way communication between customers and brands, which emerged, evolved, and proliferated as internet usage increased. CE became more prevalent and visible as more companies used online resources. 

As you can appreciate, CE is a relatively recent phenomenon in the business realm, but, increasingly, it’s an essential element of digital marketing. Today’s customers are spoilt for choice, and the competition for customers’ attention is only getting tougher. CE is one way brands can take a proactive approach to retain many of their existing customers and ultimately improve their profitability.

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What is Customer Engagement?

Customer engagement is defined in a variety of ways. However, all of the many definitions seek to emphasise just a few different aspects of consumer engagement. At its core, Customer Engagement refers to the continual development of the relationship between a company and its customers/clients that extends beyond the transaction of goods and services. It’s a company’s deliberate, consistent, and holistic approach and practices to add value to every customer interaction, hence fostering customer loyalty. 

When analysing CE, we’re looking at the quality of engagement as customers engage with a brand, whether positive or negative. That is exactly why businesses should consider the longevity, proactiveness, volume, context, and frequency/repletion of their customer engagement to understand and, where necessary, alter their CE for improved performance. Brands can monitor customer engagement in many ways, including through email, social media reactions, click-through-rates, customer feedback, re-purchasing, etc.

In a nutshell, CE is about the interaction between a brand and its customers throughout the sales funnels and customer journey with the ultimate goal of creating a loyal customer/client base.

Customer Engagement Vs. Customer Experience

While there is considerable overlap between customer engagement and customer experience (CX), the concepts are unique. CX describes everything a customer/client hears, sees, learns, and experiences about your brand.

As such, CX encompasses all aspects of customer experiences and interactions with a brand. This involves everything about the company, from encountering the brand’s adverts online, on billboards, on TV, or any other avenue to the actual customer interaction experienced at the store. Understanding CX requires brands to take an immersive approach, put themselves in their customers’ shoes, and aim to provide an outstanding customer-centric experience across all touchpoints.

Customer Engagement Marketing

As a marketing approach, customer engagement marketing focuses on sending relevant, timely, and tailored messages to a company’s customers/clients and target audience. CE marketing, unlike other forms of marketing, is highly personalised and strives to educate while also interacting with customers through customer feedback. Relevance and personalisation play a significant role in making clients feel like they’re part of the brand’s community.

Why Customer Engagement Marketing Works?

Customer engagement marketing works because it helps businesses improve the overall customer experience. Most importantly, it works because it helps businesses improve their long term performance in the following areas:

Boost Customer Retention

Customer engagement marketing helps brands fully understand what their customers think and feel about their products and services and, more importantly, where brands can improve. Reacting based on customer needs can help businesses boost loyalty and retain more of their customers.

Enhances Customer Relationships

Regular and streamlined communications with your customer base make building rapport and maintaining a relationship with customers easier. With proper and effective engagement, businesses can better understand consumer needs, making it easier to meet users’ needs.

Unearths Up-Sale Opportunities
Generally, it’s easier to sell to existing customers vs. a fresh lead. An existing customer is 60-70 per cent likely to purchase again, while the possibility of a new prospect to make a purchase is approximately 5-20 per cent. You can efficiently market and sell products with a dedicated customer base with new features.
Attracts New Customers/Clients
Engaging customers consistently and effectively will pique the interest of new customers and clients. When you provide content for your target audience that answer questions about your product or service, you will attract potential new customer and clients.

ETRAFIC's Customer Engagement Strategies

Create Easy-To-Use Engagement Opportunities With Your Online Assets

There are plenty of ways you can enhance customer engagement. Implementing a simple thumbs up/thumbs down button or scoring/rating system at the bottom of a customer service blog post can increase engagement and make a customer feel more involved and heard, improving customer retention.

Invite Customer Feedback
Soliciting customer feedback lets customers know their opinions are valued. With this in mind, provide as many feedback opportunities as possible such as scoring, site intercepts, and feedback buttons on the website. Offline, you can use a feedback box and more to engage with customers.
Create Loyalty Program

Customer engagement is designed to enhance the ability of companies to retain their customers. Creating a loyalty program of any type or level of sophistication will significantly increase your customer retention rate.

Share Your Customer Engagement In Your Marketing

In your marketing, highlight existing customer engagements by using case studies and storytelling. Use these to show how your business has engaged with other customers and how they contributed and participated.

Build A Brand Voice
Creating a brand voice is important to keep customers engaging with your businesses. Customers are more inclined to engage with a brand that has personality.
Where Possible, Personalise The Customer Experiences
For this strategy, an excellent place to start is to ask your customers how you can help them solve their problems. Some companies ask their customers to fill out a profile or select preferences at the start of the customer journey. The results of these surveys help brands personalise their customer experiences.

Create a customer engagement strategy with ETRAFFIC

At ETRAFFIC, we appreciate that the quality of customer engagement can either make or break your business. Additionally, we appreciate the importance of CE for a company’s long-term growth. We work tirelessly for our clients, ensuring they practice excellent customer engagement. 

Our goal is to ensure your company reaps the highest return on investment from your CE efforts. At the same time, your customers will enjoy interacting with your company when they bring business to you. Please call us today and learn how we can improve the Customer Engagement your business offers.

Expert Customer Engagement Services In Melbourne

At ETRAFFIC, we help you come up with unique and innovative customer engagement strategies and solutions that can take your business to a whole new level. We support both you and your customers in the journey of getting to know each other. With the help of various online marketing techniques such as win-back campaigns, loyalty programs, analytics and online customer service, we help improve customer engagement significantly and cultivate a healthy and trustworthy relationship between you and your clientele. 

We also help your customers become more loyal to your brand or business. Customer loyalty is crucial to increasing sales and profits. Being able to retain just one customer for at least five sales is actually more affordable than winning over a new one. Existing customers are more likely to convert as opposed to new customers who are not familiar with your business. Companies that invest in professional customer engagement and retention services often see their sales increase from 20 to 90 per cent, according to a study done by the Harvard Business School.

We Put People At The Core of Your Marketing Strategy

It’s no secret that the best marketing strategies and campaigns are those built with people at the core or centre. At ETRAFFIC, we believe that relationships play a huge role in customer loyalty, retention, and engagement. We continually work with each of our clients to create genuine connections between their brand and their customers. We make it our mission to constantly advocate and promote your products and services on your behalf. 

We know that each and every customer counts and no customer is more important than the other. Our state-of-the-art analytics platform enables us to get an in-depth and comprehensive view of your customer’s journey right from the moment that they get to know about your brand up to the point where they make a purchase and check out. We guide your customers on taking the necessary actions in your marketing and sales funnel in order to boost your conversion rates.

We Help Reduce Cases of Upset or Unsatisfied Customers

We are very mindful of unsatisfied customers. We are always looking for ways to understand the cause of your customers’ concerns. Did something go wrong? Were the company staff friendly and supportive? Were the products or services of low quality? Was the product or service too expensive? These are some of the questions we seek to find answers to in order to minimise cases of unsatisfied customers for your business. 

Our team of highly trained and experienced digital marketing experts know exactly how to work with different customers and clients from different niche industries and fields. We can deliver smarter, faster and more efficient customer engagement services to improve your customers’ experience. 

We take time to look at your business model, values, goals and mission when coming up with customer engagement strategies for you as we understand that no two businesses are alike. There are always some points of difference that distinguish one business from the other. We take the time to find out what makes your business different from the rest and use these points to enhance your customer engagement campaign.

We Help Improve Customer Loyalty

When it comes to customer loyalty and retention, we don’t just focus on customer service alone. We also make use of industry-leading loyalty programs that help our clients to pull-in otherwise uninterested consumers to their brands. We have enrolled thousands of customers into loyalty programs run by us for small and medium business enterprises across Australia. 

Our professionally-designed and seamless loyalty solutions makes use of technology and exemplary customer service to appeal to a wide spectrum of consumers. We consider your brand’s loyalty requirements and goals and then create a program that fits your business accordingly. We also offer professional loyalty program management, measurement and analytics services to back this up.

We Deliver a Truly Sophisticated Customer Engagement Service

At ETRAFFIC, we always strive to put a deep focus on improving customer loyalty, customer lifetime value and customer profitability. We are 100% committed to delivering exceptional results for you and your business. Your investment in our services is guaranteed to bring good results that will keep you coming back for more. We are well aware that serving both you and your clients requires focus, agility, relentlessness, resilience, and resourcefulness.

It is this dedication that your customers will see every single time they come into contact with us. Our customer engagement services can help create tight bonds and relationships between your brand and its customers. There is no better feeling that having satisfied and happy customer reviews on your website and we can help you achieve this.

We Believe in Service Above Self and That's Why We Stay Ahead

We employ the same tactics we use to engage our own clients to engage your customers. This is how serious we are about customer engagement. We leverage different types of digital marketing tools and techniques to achieve our desired end-goals. Analytics play a very big role in determining how your company is engaging with its target audience. We make use of powerful analytics tools to understand your customers better and find opportunities to save you both time and money, all while improving your customers’ sales journey.

Our team of expert digital marketers are trained at early identification of prospects who would be interested in your products and services. They proceed to guide these prospects through your marketing and sales funnel which in turn boosts your sales and overall revenue.

Another thing that puts us ahead of our competition is our smart use of social media campaigns to engage with your target audience on your behalf. As we mentioned above, we put people at the centre of our digital marketing campaigns as there is no better place to find people on the internet than on social media.

Customer Engagement FAQs

The most effective means of handling customer engagement is to use proven strategies designed to improve customer engagement. Alternatively, you can contract experienced digital marketers such as ETRAFFIC to conduct customer engagement services in a streamlined and professional manner.

Numerous factors influence customer engagement. Some influencing factors include touchpoints, product variety, brand messaging, feedback, customers’ privacy concerns, and much more.

Are you proactive in communicating with your customers? Which is the most engaged audience? What experience do customers get when they engage with my company? What are the areas of my CE that work? What tools are most effective in CE? 

Engagement tools are applications and features incorporated into a business’s website, social channels, and traditional communication channels that allow seamless interaction and engagement between companies and customers. These include chatbots and real-time chats, surveys, emails, in-app communications, push notifications, social networks, video calls, knowledge base, A/B testing, etc.

Great customer engagement strategies combine both reactive and proactive techniques to make customer engagement an integral part of your company’s success. There are many ways you can engage with customers, but it is important that you look to promote awareness or inform people about new services available from your business, or any changes within your business that may impact the customer experience.

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