Digital PR has taken over the space that was once occupied by traditional public relations. Companies no longer rely on good press coverage and media interviews to sell their brands. Today, digital PR is all about online mentions, search engine rankings and overall brand coverage and recognition in the virtual world.

ETRAFFIC are experts in digital PR, with the proven experience of getting links to the most relevant and leading online publications at a large scale. We can increase your online presence by connecting your brand to high-ranking influencers and journalists within your industry, gaining crucial media coverage and positioning you as a thought leader, all while driving referrals and traffic to your website.

If you are searching for the best digital PR agency in Melbourne, there is no better place to turn to than ETRAFFIC. Give us a call today on 1300 887 151 or click below to book a free strategy session.

What is Digital PR?

Digital PR is an online marketing strategy used by brands to boost their online presence. With over 1.5 billion websites on the internet, businesses use digital PR as a technique to stay ahead and stand out. Trust, authority and expertise are crucial for a website to rank, and digital PR is the strategy used by digital marketing experts to achieve this.

By building strong relationships with key online influencers and journalists, getting brand mentions online and backlinks to your landing pages will help improve your web presence in order for you to be a dominant force in your niche or industry.

Rumours and opinions about your business spread around the internet like wildfire. If the opinions are positive, your business will gain from it. However, what if the opinion about your business is negative? That’s where a reliable digital PR agency becomes your best friend. If you are searching for the best digital PR agency in Melbourne, there is no better place to turn to than ETRAFFIC. We are a trusted name when it comes to all your digital PR needs. Following is why you need to choose ETRAFFIC for all your digital public relations needs.

Similar to traditional PR, the actual goal of digital public relations is to improve the online presence of your brand. It helps create professionalism and success around your brand. The only difference is that all of this happens on the digital landscape, and you need a professional PR agency to build your online public relations. That’s where ETRAFFIC comes to the fore.

How Does Digital PR Work?

We understand your need to constantly stay at the forefront of things. We know how to manipulate digital PR to give your business a good image on the internet. A good image is all that matters when attracting highly targeted traffic to your business. ETRAFFIC is the best digital PR agency in Melbourne to implement the right digital strategies to take your brand to the next level. 

Today’s consumer is influenced by the information they receive through digital media. The internet plays an important part in their lives. Smartphones, laptops, iPads, and a host of other electronic gadgets allow consumers to access the internet at any time of the day or night. If your business doesn’t have a good image when they search for the product or service you sell, your competition will stand to gain from it. You will be losing business to your competition when this happens. That’s why you need to implement an effective digital PR strategy to improve the brand image of your business.

Digital public relations is a combination of search marketing, content marketing, and social media. It helps develop your brand awareness and attract highly targeted traffic to your business and this builds customer loyalty over time. Digital PR can do more than traditional PR in the local market because of its borderless nature. Digital PR lets you track the results with every bit of communication you have with the audience. 

Every link to your brand can be analysed to find out how many potential customers clicked on it and when. You will learn quickly and adjust your strategy when you use digital PR to improve the image of your brand. You can easily find out which sites are working in your favour, how long it takes to get your message across, and what type of content the potential customer responds to with the right digital PR strategies.

Digital PR Agency

At ETRAFFIC, we know exactly how to increase your brand’s online credibility and authority and have delivered some of the best digital PR campaigns for a wide variety of companies in different industries.

Although Google now employs hundreds of signals in their algorithms for ranking websites, links are still one of the most crucial. This is why we help create narratives and stories that writers, journalists and other social influencers want to talk about and share naturally.

We approach digital PR using two main steps:

What can we do to increase your online coverage
What can we do to convert that coverage into traffic and sales

Benefits of Digital PR Services

Our Process

Before devising the best digital PR strategy for your brand, our expert team will identify your company's business objectives and goals. We don't see any merit in implementing a strategy unless it positively contributes to what the company seeks to achieve. Here is our digital PR process to help build your brand awareness in the long run.

Defining the audience

Defining the audience

We like to know about the digital behaviour of your audience before devising an effective digital PR strategy for your business. Where does the potential customer consume information online? What formats do they prefer? How can we reach them? The more we know about the behaviour of your audience, the more effective our digital PR strategy will be.

Determine your goals

Determine your goals

Once we know about the digital behaviour of your audience, we need to know about your business goals. What does your business want the audience to do with the digital PR efforts? Do you want to educate or inspire the audience? If not, do you want the audience to take specific action? We need to know about your goals to devise the right PR strategy for your brand.

Key topics and messaging

Key topics and messaging

Once we know what you want from the digital PR strategy, we need to know how to involve the audience in our PR efforts. What type of content do we need to offer the audience to engage them?

Make a distribution plan

Make a distribution plan

Your audience may have their preferences when it comes to consuming information - whether it's email, social media or push notifications. We need to communicate with your target audience right where they consume online information. If not, your audience won't see the message no matter how relevant it is.

Measurement process

Measurement process

Digital PR is effective compared to traditional PR because the former can be comprehensively measured. This makes it easier to know if your digital PR strategy is having the desired effects.

Use data to take the strategy to the next level

Use data to take the strategy to the next level

We make sure to use the existing data to advance your digital PR strategy. That's why we are considered to be one of the best digital PR teams in Melbourne. You can rely on our expertise to plan and execute an effective digital PR strategy for your brand.

Who Needs Digital PR Services

B2C Companies

Business to customer companies can use our digital PR services to improve how their target audience views their brands on the internet. If your business is not in touch with customers who are mostly shopping online, you need some form of digital PR strategy to boost your online mentions and social media coverage.

B2B Businesses and Companies

Business to business companies can use our digital PR services to expand their reach to more businesses in their landscape through positive brand coverage on social media and blogs. Businesses will be more inclined to trust your company if they can easily find you on the web

Why Choose ETRAFFIC’s Digital PR Services?

We combine creativity and technical SEO to generate better results than the biggest PR agencies in the country. We don’t just rely on one technique to bring traffic to your website. We do this by using the following:

Creative Campaigns

To achieve widespread local and national coverage across both B2B and B2B publications, and increased brand recognition, our team focuses on the aspects of your business that are attractive and truly newsworthy.

News jacking

We check for media requests for interviews and follow the news to identify opportunities for your brand to give comments, or disseminate more comprehensive content that will travel across the news landscape.

Trade and Local PR

We also help get your stories out via trade specific publications and websites.

Our Points Of Difference

  • Highly trained and very experienced professionals in the digital marketing industry
  • We are 100% transparent in the methods we implement. Our digital Pr strategies are not shrouded in mystery 
  • We are a Google Analytics Certified Partner in Australia
  • Our expert team offers a fully integrated service
  • We always stay ahead of the game
  • We offer the best value for money in the industry

Digital PR FAQs

Digital PR helps to spread the word about what your company stands for, what makes it unique in the marketplace, and any exciting products or innovations it is currently working on.

Digital PR includes a wide range of marketing opportunities like being interviewed by online publications, expanding your online presence and leveraging the enormous potential of social media to boost brand growth and recognition.

Online PR is the public relations work of communicating corporate information through various online communication channels like websites, blogs, social media and online news websites.

Digital PR SEO is an online marketing technique used by businesses to increase their online presence and attain organic brand coverage on search results.

PR plays a crucial role in any SEO strategy because high quality and ethical SEO practices contribute to strong digital PR results. Digital PR and SEO are therefore closely interlinked.

  • Define your objectives.
  • Identify your target market.
  • Create engaging content.
  • Leverage online communication channels like social media, blogs, online news websites etc.

When you are searching for a reputable digital PR agency in Melbourne, you don’t need to look further than ETRAFFIC. Call ETRAFFIC today for all your digital PR needs.

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