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Not Just for Kids Get Involved in the New, Mature Snapchat Business Platform_FB

Not Just for Kids Get Involved in the New, Mature Snapchat Business Platform_FB

If you have been paying attention you may have heard of Snapchat.

Perhaps you overheard the name while passing by a group of teenagers, at the train station, crowding around their cell phones trying to take a selfie.

The name itself hasn’t escaped you, but if you were asked to explain what the social media platform was, you’d be giving nothing but a blank stare in response.

Well it’s time to take an interest, dear reader, because Snapchat is quickly becoming a mainstay – and not just for the younger generation.

Snapchat has, up to this point in time, just been considered another social app on the iTunes top 10, where the typical Millennial set, share quick video messages between friends.

However, businesses have begun to see the effective marketing opportunities available in its variety of features.

This led more and more social media and brand marketers to embrace the new vision for Snapchat’s future.

why should your brand be on Snapchat


The Snapchat Evolution, in Numbers

The value of Snapchat has evolved, even in the few years since its birth in 2011.

Known for its popularity among the younger crowds, the social newborn was generally advertised as a simple video-messaging service, giving only a few seconds of recording time for each “snap” to be shared between users.

While teens and young adults still represent a large amount of Snapchat’s user base, the marketing potential of this platform has been expanding to a much wider audience.

Brands have started to see the loyalty among users, as well as the creativity available in the app’s storytelling and filtering features. This offers a way to market their small businesses in many new and innovative directions.

Snapchat stats

Recent statistics show there are more than seven billion video views, and up to 100 million active users, participating on Snapchat daily. This makes 54% of Snapchat’s users dependable customers on a daily basis.

The numbers are causing an uproar in social marketing circles.

The majority of these stats may still refer to an audience between the ages of 13 and 24.

But now, adults are jumping on the Snapchat bandwagon too, as the app gains more widespread attention.


How Snapchat Stands Apart from the Rest

With so many social media outlets to choose from, it’s hard to follow them all, let alone try them all out for yourself. Despite its many competitors, Snapchat attracts a crowd with its variety of different features like storytelling, or live and local event promotions.

However, there are some distinct ways Snapchat stands out on its own to engage a different audience.

For instance, it created a new approach to sharing content, which mainly consists of its short-lived timeframe:

  • Video messages only last up to ten seconds
  • Snaps and stories last a mere 24 hours on the site

This quick circulation is fitting for the fast-paced lifestyle of many consumers in the world today. Users can enjoy being able to check the site daily and see new posts, while businesses embrace the idea of sharing their advertisements at a moment’s notice.

The ability to grab daily engagement makes this a powerful platform for business marketing.

Snapchat gains a lot of followers through mobile users, an audience that continues to grow by the day. And it has taken the lead on always creating full-screen content, so you aren’t left scrolling up and down the page.

This feature gives direct attention to a brand’s advertisement, which is what every business should hope to achieve.

Snapchat features

Most importantly, Snapchat provides a great artistic outlet for people to share any idea that comes to mind. You can put your own unique spin into any video or advertisement you post on the app, giving you an opportunity other social networks don’t offer.


Boost your Brand with Snapchat Business Strategies

After seeing just how dynamic the range for marketing can be using Snapchat’s storytelling platform, it’s time to start considering how to integrate your own business and find your audience.

2016 will be the year that Snapchat’s potential really starts to expand, beyond any other social network out there.

Focus on defining your goals for your business, and consider how Snapchat’s functionality could help further those goals in the future.

  • 1. Use their full-screen mobile access to make your brand the centre of attention. Come up with smart and effective ideas that only require a quick ten second video message to get your point across.
  • 2. Due to the younger generation’s influence, you can keep your business updated on all of the latest trends and models on the market, keeping their attention while also engaging new users in the process. Gaining a loyal following is a major reason to get invested in Snapchat, so get the daily interaction you want by keeping your consumers entertained – and ultimately, on your side.
  • 3. Steer your existing audience from other social networks like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to Snapchat through rewarding offers, discount deals or contests to build on your current following. Use the cross-platform approach to expand your user base on all sides.
  • 4. Post original and authentic content that sets your business apart from competitors. Invest enough time to stir up interest in your brand, and keep them coming back for more.

And thankfully, Snapchat aims to make monetisation easier for everyone. They’ve recently begun making changes to allow users to have custom filters for their brands or promotions, like these postcard filters for W Hotels:

W Hotels postcard filters

Buying a simple ad space, some starting at $5 a pop, can now be done for a designated time period to market your business. Even choosing certain locations is acceptable for a price, so you could essentially be targeting an audience in Times Square one day, if you so choose.

Your brand will have the ability to gather statistics as well, such as number of views, number of new users per day, etc., to really start seeing the effects of your marketing strategies.

All in all, Snapchat isn’t just for the younger generations anymore. It’s time to turn the tables on marketing your business, and gain the success you want through Snapchat’s storytelling platform.

Widen your audience, engage your users, and watch your business soar – and all it takes is the first ten-second video.

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