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Boost up your business in local search by optimising your Google Places Page. If you are a small business owner, you already know the importance of having an online presence. These days almost every one relies on their smart gadgets (phone, tabs, laptops etc) to look for any and every information online. That is why, it is important for every business to list their company on the Internet, in such a way that they appear among the top 10 searches in their local area.

Google Places Optimisation

Listing your company online is not the end of the game. In order to stay ahead of the competition, top visibility in the local search is important. Google places optimisation is a very effective marketing method to reach to your potential customers on a local platform.

With Google Places optimisation, your company will be given an exclusive map listing and also, you can list your business, before your competitors in the online search results. Don’t worry, even if you competitors have been in the similar business for longer than you, you still can attract more customers by implementing the right local search engine optimisation techniques. Here’s how:

  1. First and foremost: You have to understand the importance of Google places for local search results. Google prioritises the businesses that are listed in Google Places and therefore, they are displayed at the top of the search result page. For example, if you have a baking supply business in Melbourne and have listed your business in Google Places, Google will display all the possible businesses in local search result with respect to how they optimised for that search query. For every local business, start up or existing, it is highly recommended to use Google Places.
  1. Importance of your Google Places Profile: In order to complete the Google Places validation process and make your listing go online, you must carefully fill in the profile page without leaving out any sensitive detail. While listing your business, make sure that you include the same information as your other business profiles. Be accurate and consistent in NA. This way Google places can establish you as a genuine and trustworthy business resource.
  1. Google Citation: Google citation acts as the validation of the accuracy of your business information such as your company name, phone number, address, email address etc. That is why, it is important that you diligently fill in these details without any mistake. Claim your listing to local business directories, review sites, yellow pages and event pages. Whenever Google spots this information; it helps them identify your local business as a real one and not a spammer.

  1. Optimising Description and Title: Put your business name in the title of Google Place and incorporate your location. Write a crisp paragraph describing the nature of your business using your primary keywords within 200 characters. However, see to it, that you don’t stuff the content with keywords, instead aim at strategically using your primary keyword phrases. Use the adwords keyword tool to come up with the most effective keywords. To make your Google Place pages complete, remember to include the most relevant business categories.

  1. Choose the right category: It is essential to list your business under the most relevant category. Google permits to add up to 5 categories related to your business.

  1. Adding Images and Videos: It is a good idea to add relevant images and videos that will help in establishing your brand value. You are allowed to upload up to 10 photos in Google places. Remember to update the pictures at regular intervals. Also, it is a good idea to save your photos using your primary and secondary keywords that will surely boost your SEO efforts.

  1. Using Coupons helps a business to stand out in the SERP; however, they are not available in Australia yet.

  1. User-generated Content: User-generated content such as reviews work as an effective optimization technique. Reviews from your customers give your company a good reputation. So, always encourage your customers to visit your page and leave a review of your product or service. You must aim at atleast 5 customer reviews, especially from third party sites and also, it is a great idea to respond to your customer reviews. If you have a very happy customer, request him to write you a ‘Best Ever’- that will work wonders for your business.

Remember, an optimised Google Places page can work wonders for your local business. So, reach out to the maximum number of your local prospective clients by implementing the right local search techniques discussed above.

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