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One of the most difficult aspects of local SEO is doing the keyword research. Frequently, search volume for keywords that have location modifiers is too low to show up in Google’s keyword planner, since there is inadequate data.

Google Analytics and Places are other tools you can use to identify local keywords. However, you are also able to augment your research for local keywords with the assistance of Google Trends. When you are considering keywords that have low search volume, it is frequently difficult to decide which keyword variation to target. For instance, should you use “lawyer” or “solicitor” to target keywords for a local law firm.

If there is no data available from the keyword planner or from your own analytics data, it may be difficult to determine which keyword variation to use. In this instance, Google Trends can be helpful. Google Trends can give you some insight into the types of search terms people are using in your locality.

After entering a keyword term, or several terms into Google Trends you will be able to see trends associated with the use of the keywords.   You can then examine the trends that are associated with a particular geographic area. This can provide you with an in depth understanding of the terminology that is being used for searches in a particular region.


For instance, if your client is in Perth, and you need to figure out the best way to target local search terms. Would it be more effective to target a keyword for “pest control” or “exterminator”?

Insufficient search volume will preclude any data being available in the Keyword Planner. Since you have not optimised yet in Perth, there isn’t any analytics data available to give you further insight. In this instance, Google Trends can be helpful.

If you enter the two keyword terms into Google trends, you can drill down to Perth, and see what types of trends are associated with these two keywords. It is probable that the data Google has on these terms is not very large, however, you can still determine that “pest control” has a tendency to be utilised more frequently than “exterminator”.  Although the data set here is rather small, it does assist us to have a better understanding of how people in Perth search, and the terms they use for this specific niche.

In cases where there is not any data to base your research on, this is frequently a good way to begin your research. In addition, this method can be used for other purposes other than keyword research It can help give you a better understanding of terms that are used in describing your brand, services, and products in a particular geographic area.

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