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10 Reasons to Diversify Your Digital Marketing Strategy

10 Reasons to Diversify Your Digital Marketing Strategy

You have been working really hard for so long on your digital marketing campaign. But why is it you’re still struggling to get customers online? Chances are you are not diversifying your digital marketing strategy enough.

But don’t worry.

As you begin applying the marketing tactics outlined in this article, you will see steady improvements in the way customers interact with your brand.

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Now, one thing is for sure – the digital marketing landscape is always evolving. The techniques that work today might become obsolete tomorrow.

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digital marketing landscape

You can’t rely on just one or two marketing channels. It will put your business at a considerable risk. You need to diversify your approach to widen your reach.

Diversification happens when you introduce your product in a completely new market. Although implementing this approach takes a considerable amount of time and resources, it’s a proven strategy for long-term growth.

If you aren’t convinced yet, here are 10 reasons why you should diversify your digital marketing efforts.

1. Achieve faster and better results

time for results

When you have a diversified digital marketing strategy, you can strategically integrate or cross-pollinate various marketing channels. Doing this enables you to widen your customer reach and achieve faster, better results.

For instance, integrating organic SEO and PPC campaign can increase your number of clicks up to 25% which, in turn, increases your profits by up to 27%.

Another way is to combine email marketing efforts with social media campaigns and blogging strategy. Having these three marketing channels integrated and working together will drive more customers into your door including those who have not heard about your business before; or have otherwise overlooked your site.

Of course, it makes perfect sense to focus more on the methods that yield the highest ROI.

That said diversification and integration have been proven to effectively increase your conversion rates by up to 200%, based on a study from Bright Oak.

2. Reach a wider audience

One of the main benefits of a diverse digital marketing strategy is the potential for your business to have a stronger online presence and wider audience reach.

reaching a wider audience

Statistics show that 23% of the consumers’ total time allocated online is spent looking for solutions to their problems.

On the other hand, 80% of today’s consumers will do some online research first before making a decision as to what services or products to purchase. So, you have to be accessible, visible and ready to cater to their needs.

If you have a diversified marketing tactic, you will be able to earn more target audience and help them with their needs by providing them with valuable and engaging content.

3. Stay on top of marketing and industry trends

The digital marketing landscape is always changing. To prevent your brand, products or services from being pushed aside, you will need to diversify your marketing tactics.

standing on top of a mountain

Annually, Google rolls out an average of 500-600 updates. Several of these updates could affect your business’ presence online. However, if your marketing effort is fully diversified, you can still stand out in the marketing industry trends because you are not reliant to only a single marketing method.

4. Deliver stronger customer engagement

Engaging your current customers and attracting potential ones are two of the most challenging tasks in digital marketing. However, you can take control of this challenging job, earn the attention of your audience and retain their interest with impactful and engaging content.

engaging with customers

Having a long term and diversified marketing strategy that encourages social media sharing can make a significant difference in your marketing campaign for one good reason. It requires you to provide fresh and high-quality content in various forms to engage your audience.

5. Prep your business for future market changes

Deploying a diverse marketing strategy is one of the best ways to prepare your business as the marketplace evolves in the coming months or years.

preparing business for market changes

Established marketing platforms such as Facebook and Google are always changing their algorithms and advertising policies. It’s, therefore, ideal to have a diverse marketing method. So, when the changes arrive, their impact on you will only be minimal.

Diversified marketing tools and platforms can help you adapt to changes. They help in stabilising your business’ reputation, online visibility, and your revenues.

6. Eliminate cost fluctuations across marketing channels

Diversifying your digital marketing strategy is indeed beneficial. It can lead to new marketing possibilities and expand your business horizon.

eliminating cost

Having a diverse set of paid advertising alternatives and options allows you to easily adjust your campaign when needed. As a result, you will not be affected when prices increase.

Make sure, however, that when expanding your market reach to increase your sales or revenue, you have to keep track of the risk and learn to keep the cost at a minimum.

7. Reach different audiences across various platforms

Because of the fact that people from different walks of life flock to different places on the internet, your business should be in these various places as well.

reaching people across varios platforms

You see, the users in LinkedIn are different from the people who are flocking to Facebook as well as the ones who are hanging out on Google+. It’s, therefore, ideal to make yourself visible on all of these platforms.

Your potential customers could be found across a host of online marketing platforms. If your brand, products or services are only present in one of them, then you will miss out on the opportunity to reach these possible customers.

Remember, not everyone is on Facebook.

8. Drive more traffic

It’s all true that you can generate a good percentage of potential customers using only a single marketing channel. However, you could potentially generate more tons of traffic if you’ll use other digital marketing channels as well.

driving web traffic

A survey reveals that 20-30% of traffic is generated by paid advertising and other marketing channels, while 70-80% is generated by natural or organic means, using search engines. This goes to show that business owners and digital marketers with a limited budget tend to opt for free or low-cost marketing channels.

Traffic generation and link building must not focus on a single marketing channel only. That way, you won’t be missing out on opportunities afforded by other digital marketing channels.

9. Be independent of third-party programs

Many marketers and entrepreneurs these days are dependent on third party programs. Oftentimes, these businesses have to subject themselves to various rules and restrictions that affect their growth.

Although this appears to be cost-effective on the outset, it’s actually a huge step backward for your business. For instance, if Facebook implements some changes, you will no doubt experience a decline in your returns.
According to the spokesperson of Facebook, the best way to get more business exposure is to pay for it.

10. Leverage the right marketing channels

There is no one-size-fits-all digital marketing channel.

Every marketing platform and tool differs from the other. Each has its own pros and cons and plays a vital role in your business marketing and development.

using the right marketing tools

Your business should be present across all media types as the marketplace is getting competitive and requires you to be emotionally connected to your audience over several engagements.

This is why diversifying your marketing effort and leveraging these diverse methods is very critical to your business.

When deciding which marketing channel to utilise, you have to consider several aspects including the nature and scope of your business, your target demographic and your budget.


Useful Digital Marketing Channels to Consider

There are indeed many different reasons as to why you should consider diversifying your digital marketing effort. It gives you a broad foundation that when one of your marketing approaches fails, you still have enough strategy to fall back on.

While there are a lot of reasons and benefits in diversifying your digital marketing method, there are also many marketing channels that can help you get a good head start. They are:

  • Content marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Search engine marketing
  • Social media marketing; and
  • Pay-per-click advertising

Content Marketing

Content is king. You’ve heard this several times before, I bet. And it still continues to dominate in digital marketing. Content is crucial in attracting and engaging your customers. One example where you will need a considerable amount of content is your blog site.

content marketing

Be sure to craft compelling content that entices your audience, captures their attention and entices them to purchase your products.

Your content must be in various forms such as texts, graphics, and videos. It should provide information that educates or entertains your audience as well as deliver effective solutions to their problems.

Email Marketing

This is a cost-effective digital marketing channel where you can send promotions, offers, and engaging content.

It’s an effective way of building your list of targeted audience.

Be sure to send an email content that is relevant to your brand and compelling to your recipients. This way, they will be excited to read your message.

Address your emails personally.

You can make use of email marketing services online with a range of packages to suit your business needs.

Choose an email marketing service that offers result tracking feature so you can measure the number of people who have read your mail and be able to trace the links within it.

Search Engine Marketing

This particular digital marketing channel allows your target market to easily find you in web searches. It ensures your advertisement and your brand will stay prominently displayed in front of consumers who are looking for your products or services.

magnifying glass over the web

Search engine optimisation (SEO) can help drive more traffic to your website, keeping you steps ahead of your competitors.

SEM focuses on improving the use of keywords that are relevant to your site.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is a powerful marketing tool that can take your marketing message to your target consumers. Social networking, on the other hand, is considered the fastest growing activity online.

social media marketing

Building an online presence and advertising in major social media platforms gives you a considerable advantage. This includes developing your brand, staying on top of what your audiences say about you and becoming more responsive to your customers’ needs.

SMM helps promote your business to wider audience using social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat, and so on and so forth.

Pay-per-click Advertising

PPC is a digital marketing channel that utilises effective keywords or phrases through well-written website content to engage your customers and entice them to click on your link and eventually navigate to your site.

pay per click advertising

This is an advertising platform that can drive more traffic to your site using ad banners that you can turn on or off.

If you’re looking to test other channels, PPC is a great option for you.



There are other more options and marketing channels that you can incorporate into your marketing strategy. A well-coordinated marketing campaign across multiple platforms can greatly help in driving traffic, leads, and sales.

Smart business owners and marketers understand when to expand and try new marketing strategies. They equally understand the many reasons why it’s crucial for a business to diversify its digital marketing methods.

Successful businesses are those which utilise not one, not two, but several digital marketing channels in their arsenal.

Are you using enough channels to back you up in case one of them fails? If not, then maybe it’s time to reassess and diversify your digital marketing efforts.



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