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10 Ways Snapchat Can Reignite Your Campaign

Digital marketing is evolving!

Hence, being updated with the latest trends in advertising is crucial for every marketer and business owner.

Yes, you have been doing impactful marketing campaigns over the years which earned you a decent amount of customer engagement and a considerable return on investment!

But one day you discovered your strategy no longer drives the same results as before. Your marketing has lost its spark, and you’re struggling to keep your business afloat.

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What can you do?

Well, it’s time to consider adding a twist to your campaign. Leverage the latest in social media technology to regain the spark your marketing once had.

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energy meter

Yes, I am talking about Snapchat!

Snapchat is definitely the next best thing to include in your marketing strategy. Leveraging this incredibly popular marketing platform will help take your brand to the next level; especially if you’re targeting a younger audience.

Snapchat has a huge capacity to reignite your marketing campaign and make your brand brimming with loyalists and brand ambassadors.

Here are facts to prove Snapchat is the way to go:

  • 200 million active daily users with 400 million snaps sent every day;
  • Its active users are 13 to 34 years old;
  • 3rd among the top social media networking platforms;
  • 65% of its daily users are creating content; and
  • Fastest growing user base among all social media sites

Added to the fact that almost all consumers these days rely on their mobile phones when searching for products and services, Snapchat, being specially designed for mobiles, has the potential to drive more traffic that could eventually lead to conversions.

driving traffic to get more conversions

You have to be aware, however, that Snapchat is unlike any other social media platform. Your photos or videos have a limited shelf-life of only 24 hours.

This encourages a sense of urgency for users.

now - sense of urgency

Since the content self-destructs after viewing, users will be forced to pay attention to your content.

So, with features that make Snapchat different, what can it actually bring to the table then?

Well, there are 10 ways you can use Snapchat to put the spark back into your marketing campaign.

1. Simply saying “Hello!” works wonders

Every social media site has its own pros and cons. One of Snapchat’s features that many marketers consider a downside is that snaps and videos normally last for only 10 seconds.

say Hello

However, you can still become relevant to your audience by simply dropping by to say “Hi!” or “Hello!” It’s often enough to brighten anyone’s day.

Remember, people like to be greeted. They will feel appreciated and special.

2. Be quick and memorable to catch attention

Since you have a limited time to create an engaging video, you need to be quick and creative to be able to come up with a short yet attention-grabbing content.

attention-grabbing content

You can use the in-in-a-snap and out-in-a-snap feature of Snapchat that enables you to create and share unique content that easily catches attention. For instance, you can snap a spur-of-the-moment video that is relevant to the product that you want to promote.

3. Show your personality through teasers

Giving your customers behind-the-scenes footage can effectively connect them to your brand on a personal level.

coming soon teaser

You can make use of a video teaser where you can inject your personality to give your customers a better idea of your brand, products and services.

This strategy gets customers excited, generating word-of-mouth advertising prior to the launch.

4. Engage your customers with giveaways

Sales, discounts, and promo codes are not something new to online consumers. In fact, they are everywhere on the internet and some people will even ignore it. However, on Snapchat, you can offer giveaways to your customers in a fun and engaging way.

engage customers with free stuff

You can conduct an online sale and give away discounts to your customers by snapping them a coupon code or a keyword that they can use to cash in or redeem a reward within 24 hours.

You can also ask them to screenshot the code so they can use it when making a purchase either in your physical store or online.

Doing so attracts new customers and increases the loyalty of existing ones.

5. Create contests to attract your audience

There are many ways you can compel your audience in your various social media sites. On Snapchat, you can attract your customers by involving them in a friendly competition. You can ask your customers to snap a photo or a video of them using your products.

raising a trophy

Those who can snap unique and creative content will be given a prize.

You can also develop a different contest asking your customers to respond with a snap. Prizes will be given to those who can respond immediately with a snap back.

Engaging your customers in a contest will keep them coming back for more. This can give you more opportunity to roll out a marketing strategy.

6. Team up with Snapchat influencers to draw attention

Influential people are effective in drawing attention to your products or services. And teaming up with “Snapchat influencers” can help you get connected with your target audience much more easily than doing it alone. Influencers can improve awareness for your brand in a creative and entertaining way.

Team up with Snapchat influencers

Who are these Snapchat influencers?

These are the early adapters who fully understand how the platform works. They are self-made digital celebrities who have gained a huge following on the platform such as Shaun McBride also known as @Shonduras.
You can find them across all industries from fashion to technology.

7. Leverage product sneak peeks to build anticipation

If you are planning to launch a new product, share a 10-second sneak preview video of your latest collection.

share product sneak peeks

This will build customer anticipation that in turn helps to spread the news about your upcoming product.

8. Provide insider info and gain emotional connection

Are you participating in a trade show or important event?

provide insider info

Well then, give your loyal customers exclusive insider info by snapping videos or photos during the event. This will keep them emotionally connected to your brand.

Having this exclusive access that they can’t get elsewhere will make them feel appreciated.

9. Initiate Q and A session to create interaction

Aside from being a unique platform, Snapchat is also very interactive. In fact, you can create a question and answer session to interact with your audience.

initiate q & a session

It could be casual questions such as their plan for the weekend or any random question.

Snapchat, as a social media platform, is supposed to be fun. So, avoid very formal questions.

This is a great and fun way of engaging your audience and educating them about your brand.

10. Share a glimpse of your workspace and employees

Part of keeping your customers engaged is making them feel involved in your brand. Create this emotional connection by giving your fans a glimpse of a-day-in-the-life at your office and as well as your employees brainstorming or taking their lunch.

share workspace and employees

There are actually a lot of opportunities you can do in this regard. Be creative in coming up with fun and engaging content that highlights your brand’s personality, allowing your customers to have a feel of your brand.

With these various ways to leverage Snapchat, your marketing will surely yield outstanding results for you.

From Snapchat’s simple beginnings to being the rising star in social media marketing, you can definitely reach a wider audience especially if you’re targeting a younger audience.

Many marketers these days are still not open to the wider possibilities and huge potential that Snapchat can do to their marketing campaign. This is true especially with brands that target the older demographic.

So if your competitors haven’t caught on to it yet…

Now is your chance.

Seize the moment to reignite your marketing campaign and stay ahead of the game.



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