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An Author Profile on a Blog Increases Authority

An Author Profile on a Blog Increases Authority


Do you know the best way to attain industry leader status, apart from providing great services and products? The formula is very simple:

Create relevant and authority level content that informs, entertains, and excites your audience.

We assume that you’re already posting on your blogs frequently. Otherwise, you need to start doing so immediately!

Now, how can you get even more people to trust and look up to you?

You see, your blog isn’t just a medium for expressing your thoughts and informing people about your products or services. It’s also a very powerful tool for building your brand and growing your fan base.

This is why you need to create an interesting author profile on your blog. Studies show that first time visitors tend to check out the author’s profile if it is prominently displayed and then later decide if the person is worth listening to or not.

So, if you’re currently experiencing a high bounce rate on your blog (visitors leaving before checking out other parts of your site), then not having an author profile could be one of the reasons why.

What should the author profile contain?

  • Your achievements;
  • Your qualifications to talk about the topic;
  • Why people should listen to and follow your tips, suggestions and advice;
  • What makes you personable; and
  • Your hobbies, likes and passions

Now, it’s not enough to just write all these details. There are too many boring author bios out there. We suggest adopting a conversational/humorous tone, an inspiring ideology or go the story telling route. People love this a lot because it makes them feel like you know where they’re coming from, what they’re experiencing and what they need.

Have no idea where to start or how to go about creating an appealing author profile? We at eTraffic can help.


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