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Describe Images Using Alt Text to Make Them SEO-friendly

Describe Images Using Alt Text to Make Them SEO-friendly

SEO Tip 3 | Describe Images Using Alt Text to Make Them SEO-friendly – etraffic

Did you know that you can rank high on Google and other search engines for your multiple search terms by simply editing a few images on your website?

Many business owners have been quietly ranking for their multiple search terms for years with this simple strategy.

SEO is constantly changing and evolving. Ranking techniques that are popular today can become obsolete in a few months.

Thus, it is often common for people to chase after new techniques, methods, and strategies… all because they want more traffic, rankings and search engine visibility.

However, some of the basic SEO techniques remain as effective as ever.

In their effort to keep updated with new techniques, many website owners have overlooked basic strategies that are quite powerful and capable of delivering even more traffic, increased search engine visibility and higher rankings.

A good example of this is your image alt text.

Optimising your image alt text can help drive additional traffic to your website.

Google and other search engines routinely rank images from websites separately based on their keywords. This means that you can often secure multiple rankings on the same page (something we call intended results) for the exact same keyword.

You see, the pictures or images on your website aren’t meant for just visual appeal alone. They are equally important in your SEO campaign.

So, if you haven’t been actively using images in your website blog posts or haven’t been paying much attention to their optimisation, then you should start doing it now.

This is one of those vital techniques that you must start incorporating in your strategy before everyone else does.


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