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Expand Your Brand - How to Reach Your Snapchat User Base with 2 Key Concepts

Expand Your Brand - How to Reach Your Snapchat User Base with 2 Key Concepts

Today, approaching the myriad of social media networks to market your brand can be daunting. As soon as one becomes popular, it’s replaced by another.

But who has time to follow these things anymore?

You’re trying to jump start your own business, so wasting time isn’t an option. Start working smarter with your media marketing campaigns. Leverage Snapchat to gain the audience you want.

Snapchat is undeniably one of the fastest growing media platforms out there, and it’s time for you to step in and claim a piece of the pie. Your young business is growing, and you want to expand your brand exponentially.

Snapchat app

So how do you start to set these ideas into motion?

Familiarise yourself with the idea that your audience is in charge. In social media marketing, your audience rules the stage.

Your goal is twofold:

  • Market your brand towards your audience’s needs
  • Keep them coming back for more

Start your business endeavour with two key concepts in mind:

  • Reaching out to your core demographics
  • Making your campaign captivating enough to engage consumers who, in turn, will become your greatest advocates.


Embrace the Inner Child in Everyone

woman playing on a swing

Studies show that most Snapchat’s users are of the younger crowd, with 71% of customers coming in under the age of 25.

With this in mind, it stands to reason that the Millennial generation is your Golden Goose, so reach out to them with ideas based around their interests.

For instance, at last year’s iHeartRadio festival on the outskirts of Las Vegas, Nevada, a reported 340 million Snapchat interactions took place over the course of the two-day event.

By simply streaming live feeds of the event’s various musical acts through Snapchat’s Live Stories and Local Stories platforms, iHeartRadio gained a massive opportunity to grab hold of their younger audience, and they scored.

people taking video of a concert

How did they manage such a huge following in such a short time?

They zeroed in on the younger set, leveraging their interests and hobbies to prompt them to take the desired action.

Give serious thoughts to the big-name concerts, sporting events, college opportunities, and areas where your target audience tends to spend the majority of their time.

You’ll be raking in customers faster than you can blink.

However, don’t make the mistake of leaving out your older audience either. Invite them to play, providing them with similar concepts that cater to their youthful spirit.

Following the concert angle, iHeartRadio could have drawn in even bigger crowds with footage from classic bands like Aerosmith, Def Leppard or KISS to maximise their marketing potential.

Takeaway: Optimise your brand by bringing all generations together. Focus on keeping the young audience which Snapchat already collects in droves. Also, bring fresh, innovative ideas for the older set too, and surround everyone in the fun and excitement of youth and frivolity.


Expand by Creating a Social Gathering Place

people on a social gathering

In recent studies, it also appears that the growing numbers of Snapchat consumers are female, with 70% of user demographics pointing to women as the majority.

Creating Snapchat campaigns that are centred on retail and discount shopping opens your brand to a world of possibilities.

Why not expand your reach with package deals, aimed at enticing groups of friends in a social gathering medium?

DirectTv made serious headway with campaigns designed to earn customers cash-back rebates for inviting friends to subscribe.

50 percent off special discount sign

Amazon tried a similar approach, allowing current customers to gain credit dollars on their site by welcoming a friend to download new apps with them, giving them credit for joining as well.

Incentive through discounts marketed on Snapchat will widen your net of exposure, while growing an advocate base that will engage a larger audience going forward.

Despite core demographic data steering you in the direction of female users, it’s clearly a good idea to invest in the male market as well. Jumpstart a lead of new consumers by incorporating male-driven interests with social gathering perks.

Focus on marketing campaigns geared towards Superbowl parties and events, or heavy-hitting male crowd pleasers. Brands like Bud Light beer and ESPN sports have been capitalising on such events on a daily basis.

friends gathering with beer and pizza

While attracting customers with low-priced package offers is essential for the social networking angle, it’s just ideal for Snapchat customers as a whole.

That is because 62% of Snapchatters, being young, earn less than $50,000 a year, making discount deals like these extremely appealing for them.

Takeaway: Make the current Snapchat users advocates for your brand. Bring in friends through campaigns for discounts on your product. Meanwhile, you can create a social gathering place on Snapchat for both female and male activities, to give your brand exposure to all generations in the market.

Overall, the foundation of your marketing ideas should revolve around the wants and needs of your audience.

friends forming a circle

Sure, anyone can dig up data and statistics, making decisions based solely on that alone. However, setting out to determine exactly what a consumer would want from your product, and marketing your brand to suit those needs, gives you an edge over your competitors.

The audience will take notice, and your brand will come out all the better for it.

So, make your business goals a reality by expanding on these two key concepts:

  • Make Snapchat the hip place to market your brand, by choosing campaigns that emphasize having fun and staying young.
  • Engage your consumers by showing them that their happiness is high on your priority list.

Additionally, you can boost your market by giving consumers reasons to bring their friends. Promote special deals for users who invite others to join with you – an opportunity they can’t pass up.

And get your business up and running by generating some loyal advocates, and market to a wider demographic through Snapchat. With these tools in your social marketing belt, it’s time to make your business thrive.

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