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One of the internet strategies SEO and business owners do these days is the forum and blog commenting strategy wherein they look for several websites of similar niche and leave a comment with the permalink of the landing page they are trying to promote. Well, this may be a good strategy, unfortunately, there are some who do it carelessly and just bombard several websites of generated messages such as “Your website is great. Please visit https://www.etraffic.com.au And that’s it! People who do not read a lot will get to click the website, thus, an additional traffic for the website owner.

It is really unappealing especially that this strategy does not only have the capability of stealing potential clients, but also has the capacity to simply make your website unpleasant for viewing, making it look like crappy with all those unwanted comments. You even do not know if these links are really working and safe, and will not ruin your follower’s computer.

Well, these spammers may not just be individuals. Some SEO companies and entrepreneurs use several software just for them to be able to execute the internet marketing strategy. And if you are a newbie and do not know what plan of action should be executed in order for you to protect your website from these spammers, then you have to completely learn the methods needed to be done.


Are you totally pissed whenever you visit a site and register, yet certain codes are being asked? Well, these codes are what we call CAPTCHA.  Software has no capabilities of decoding these messages, thus, ensuring the website owner that everyone who signs-up on his website are real people.

Specific Text Limit

Blog messages which may be considered as spam has certain number of words. You may set a specific number so as to be certain that all comments are long enough to be understood by your followers. Also, this will eliminate senseless comments like what was aforementioned earlier.

Avoid Links

Though hard, if the level of blog comments you are currently receiving is a bit high, then you will really experience a problem. So the best thing to do is to not let your followers comment links. Unfortunately, a lot may surely be furious especially when links are thoroughly needed.

Anti-Spam Question

Well, questions may also not be decoded by software for doing blog comments so you will again be certain that only real people leave comments.

Unfortunately, several entrepreneurs and SEO experts hire people to do the blog commenting to the websites of their niche. So no matter what your protection is, some comments may still get through. What to do?

Grab The New Platform

Your platform should be capable enough to work on your blog site, and teach you all the probable methods to make it successful. If you cannot be taught of all the probable strategies, then at least let them provide you with a good plug-in that must be installed on your account which automatically delete and ban spammy contents.

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