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Google Search has come a long way. Let us experience the nostalgia of the Google Search page in the 1990s.

Google Search Page in 1998

Almost 20 years later, Google is the search media global giant processing trillions of searches every year. A lot is yet to come, regarding how we search and discover information. Google takes the “machine-learning first” approach, and it is safe to assume that in next few decades, the Google Search platform will undergo a sea-change.

Croud.com created an infographic imagining how the Google Search platform will undergo modification in the future. Based on the infographic, we are sharing few pointers with you:

#1 Voice Search

Voice Search will increasingly become an intrinsic part of our lives. The Voice search is gaining in popularity, with the introduction of driverless cars, for example, and in the future, further developments will create a seamless link between a person and the person’s home and office. Every search result will be contextually personalised. Google could delve into neuroscience and biometrics for data personalisation.

#2 Faster Information Access

With the Internet speeds improving globally, more people will connect with the Internet ecosystem, and brands will work towards making their content load faster and focus on the UX of the site. This could lead to an increase in the adoption of the AMP technology.

#3 Online and Offline Merges

We still perceive the online world as a virtual world which is different from the offline physical existence. However, with the various improvement in hyperlocal targeting, it will open tonnes of opportunities to merge the online and the offline world. Remember the game Pokémon Go or the augmented reality Snapchat filters. Both try to intercede into the reality to create an experience.

#4 Multimedia Functions

Google is improving its image recognition technology and YouTube technology to include multimedia results in the search pages. This changes the way people interact with the content. In future, content will truly become multi-dimensional.

#5 Consumer Control

With people opting for ad-blocking software to prevent intrusive ads, especially on mobile devices, Google could change the way brands connect to the targeted audience as consumers will wield greater control in choosing the brands they want to hear about.


Future development in Google Search has the capability to revolutionise the entire Internet ecosystem.

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