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Social Media for Local Businesses

Social Media for Local Businesses

The Importance Of Social Media Marketing For Local Businesses

Social media has quickly become one of the most popular and important aspects of online marketing, and almost every brand now knows how important it is to use Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other platforms to reach potential customers and partners. Social media platforms are free to utilise and ideally have paid advertising options that are specifically formulated for those who want to reach even more audiences.

However, just because your brand should be on social media does not imply that it should be on every network. It is imperative that you pick and nurture platforms that work the best for your local business so that you do not spread too thin.

If you wish to create a successful strategy in this regard, it’s important that you know how each network runs, the type of audience you wish to reach as well as how you can best use every platform. In this read, we are going to take a look at the importance of social media marketing for local businesses.

It’s Cost Effective

Cost Effective

When it comes to advertising, social media marketing is one of the most cost-effective means. Signing up on these platforms is free. However, if you choose to utilize paid advertising on the networks, it’s advisable that you start small to see what you can expect.

Cost-effectiveness is always paramount as it helps give an even greater ROI and hold a larger budget for other business payments. By just investing a little money and time, it is possible to increase conversion rates and ultimately get an ROI on the money that you initially spent.

Increased Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness

One of the most hassle-free and profitable internet marketing platforms that can be used to enhance brand visibility is social media. All you have to do is create a social media profile and begin networking with prospects and partners.

By implementing a social media marketing strategy, you’ll substantially increase business visibility. In fact, over 90% of marketers have claimed that by spending just a few hours per week, their marketing efforts on social media have heightened user experience and brand visibility alike.

Better Customer Service

Customer Service

Nowadays, customers, even local, flock to  social media platforms to look for help, give feedback and even ask questions to a company’s customer service team. If you are not on social media, your business will miss out on those conversions and even an opportunity to prevent bigger problems. If you are running short on a product that is in high demand among your clients, you can easily let them know that you are working on getting more inventory through social media.

If you solved an issue for the client, let others know about the solution before they encounter it as well. Social media isn’t just about managing bad news. If a client posts their positive experience, you will be able to share it as a testimonial to the rest of the followers.

Enhanced SEO Rankings


Search engine optimization is something that usually gets forgotten when it comes to the benefits of social media marketing. Most of the search engines consider the social media presence of a company when determining where it will rank on the search results. You’ll want to able to show growth in followers and in sharing among your fans.

When writing your posts, always consider ways in which you can help your fans spread your message, like offering a free meal to the first few people who post an image about your new dinner special. A little love can go a long way in social media.

Marketplace Awareness

This is one of the best ways to find out the needs and wants of your clients compared to communicating directly with them. Marketplace awareness is ideally known to be the most valuable benefit of social media marketing.

By simply observing your profile’s activities, you can see the interest and opinions of your customers that you might not have known if you did not have a social media presence.

Acting as a complementary tool, social media can significantly help you get a better understanding of your audience and industry.

Increased Traffic


Another great benefit of social media marketing is that it ideally helps increase your site traffic. By sharing your content, you are giving your followers a reason to visit your business website.

The more quality content you share on your profile, the more traffic you’ll generate, thus increasing conversion opportunities.

More Brand Authority

Build your Brand

Customer satisfaction and brand loyalty both play a significant role in making your business more powerful, but it all boils down to communication. When people see your posts on social media platforms, particularly posting original content and replying to their queries, it helps create a positive image towards your brand.

Interacting with your followers on a regular basis shows that you care about them and once you get a number of satisfied clients, who are vocal regarding their positive experiences, then your advertising will be done for you by those that appreciate your product or service.

Engage With Clients

Engaging with clients

Social media is an excellent way for interacting and engaging with customers. The more you communicate with your local audience, the greater the chances for conversion.

Create a 2-way communication with the target audience so that their wants are known and interests are catered to with ease. Not only that, but engagement and communication with clients are some of the best ways to win their attention and convey your message. As such, you will reach a broader  audience and get your brand established with less hassle.


There’s no denying that social media has numerous marketing benefits for both startups and established local businesses. By regularly utilising social media and implementing the right strategy, you will notice an increase in traffic, improved brand loyalty, better SEO, better customer service and much more. Your competitors are already utilising social media, so do not let them take your potential clients. The earlier you start, the faster you will experience growth in your local business. For assistance in social media marketing and SEO, do not hesitate to contact us at ETRAFFIC on 1300 887 151 today!

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