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Reading tutorials surely helps, but wouldn’t it be better to see it in actual? This is why several individuals work on coming up with a video basically to share information and insights about a specific topic. These videos are often posted on websites, social media sites, and of course, the most popular platform – YouTube.

YouTube has been labeled as the second largest search engine, next to Google of course. Having such fact, isn’t it rewarding to ensure that your business is present on it, ensuring that you get to target all the visitors who love to view videos whether it be for instructional, promotional or entertainment purposes? It is a fact that instead of buying the instructional manuals for “dummies” which are widely available in several bookstores, people would rather watch these instructions for FREE just by visiting YouTube.


But the problem is, how will you ever uplift the traffic of your video so as to be able to attract viewers? It’s through optimisation. Almost similar to how you optimise a website, you need to work on the targeted keywords. YouTube has a specific search box where a viewer will surely make use of so as to figure out what he’s trying to look for, let’s say for example, a guide on how to make a tutu skirt for his child, or whatsoever. What is commonly written on that search box may be labeled as a “keyword”. Make use of Google Adwords and figure out what keyword matches your niche. Choose a keyword which has a high demand yet the competition is low. With that, you will certainly be at the verge of targeting those potential clients as your video will be at the top of the results YouTube provides.

Once you have figured out what your keyword is, you have to make sure that you mention this on your title, description and tag as these are what search engine robots and spiders look at. Make sure that the chosen keyword is relevant to your video so as to not mislead a potential client and a guaranteed traffic and sales will be expected.

You have to thoroughly work on your video description. If you own a website and the uploaded video is intended for back linking, make sure you mention your website on the description area so that people will be guided on where they may be able to know more about your offered products and services.

Remember, optimising your video will most probably lead you to a higher number of viewers by 400% — yes, no pun intended as we are speaking about the real deal and not just to mislead you. Video Optimisation will lead you towards your goals so this should never be set aside. So if you think creating a video is a good internet marketing strategy, you are certainly right. Just do all the necessary white hat techniques so as to ensure that your video will be indexed without experiencing any problems and issues with your targeted search engine, such as YouTube.

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