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Is Social Media The Future of Digital Marketing | ETRAFFIC Web Marketing

Is Social Media The Future of Digital Marketing | ETRAFFIC Web Marketing

Are you in the process of setting goals for your digital marketing campaign for the new year? In fact, digital marketing has changed a lot during the past couple of years. There are new trends in the industry that you need to take note of when setting goals for your digital marketing campaign for the upcoming year.

Knowing these trends will facilitate your online marketing strategy for the upcoming year. The United States digital marketing is supposed to spend around $120 billion by the year 2020. Here are some of the most important digital marketing trends that are going to take the marketplace by storm in 2018 and beyond.

. The use of voice command
. Reviews become more important
. Display ads will become more trustworthy and interactive
. Social media will become the future of digital marketing
. Online video is supposed to further grow
. Emojis are all around

Voice search is going to dominate the digital marketing scene in 2018 and beyond.

Voice Search

In fact, the “hearables” market will reach at least $40 billion by the end of 2020. More than 50% of online search is going to be voice search by 2020. You should be making use of this trend when promoting your business online. If not, you are leaving a lot of money on the table.

On the other hand, customer reviews become a necessity in 2018 and beyond. In fact, reviews will have a big impact on search engine optimization and conversions. User reviews are having the same weight as personal recommendations in this day and age.

Their importance will begin to further grow in 2018 and the coming years. More than 92% of consumers prefer to read customer reviews to know the quality of a product or service. In fact, 90% of these customers have said that positive reviews have had a sway over their buying decisions. The latest marketing research shows that a positive review can have a big impact on your sales and conversions.

In fact, just improving your rating by one star will increase your revenue from 5 to 9%. Reviews are more important in the healthcare industry more than any other industry out there.

The latest statistics reveal that more than 62% of patients rely on positive customer reviews when finding a new doctor. 92% patient read online reviews before making an appointment with a doctor. That is why you should include customer reviews in your marketing strategy if you want to attract more sales and conversions in the long run.

Display ads are supposed to become more interactive and trustworthy over time. The display ad spend for 2016 was $8,872 while it is supposed to increase to $10,820 by 2021. You should be taking advantage of this trend if you want to wind the trust of your potential customers.

If not, you will lose a lot of customers over time. On the other hand, online video will double by 2021. Online video accounted for only $9,252 in 2016. In fact, this amount is going to more than double by 2021 – reaching $20,891. You should be taking advantage of online videos when promoting your brand. It isn’t too late to do this even now. The more you wait, the more your competition will take advantage of the trend. You will lose a lot of sales and conversions if you don’t act now.

More than 75% of men and 84% of women have stated that they are better able to express their emotions using Emojis than words. Hence, you should expect to see more and more Emojis popping up all over the internet. You will see new Emojis that allow the user to better express his/her feelings.

Finally, social media ads will prevail over all other types of online ads in 2018 and beyond.

In fact, social media ads are much more effective than display ads. The ad spend on social media ads was around $15,016 in 2016. It is supposed to more than double in 2021 by reaching $32,977.

Is Social Media The Future Of Digital Marketing?

Future of Digital Marketing

Here are some astonishing statistics that reveal why social media is really the future of digital marketing.

  • Failure to respond via your social channels can result in a 15% decrease of your existing customer base.
  • More than 84% of businesses use social media marketing in some form or other.
  • The average marketer spends at least 4-6 hours a week on social media. If the process isn’t effective, no sensible marketer would waste their time indulging in it.
  • More than 60% of businesses use the analytics options in their social media management tools.

These statistics reveal the importance of social media for your business. If you are not taking advantage of social media marketing for your company, you are losing customers in the process. In fact, your competition should take advantage of your situation and steal your customers.

That is why you should be implementing an effective social media marketing campaign for your business without delay. The more you delay, the more money you lose.

Social media marketing comes with many benefits to your business. It helps build a solid customer base that trusts your brand. Trust is very important when trying to increase your sales and conversions over time.

If you are still not implementing an effective social media marketing strategy for your business, you should do it right now since social media is the future of digital marketing.



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