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The social networking website, Facebook.com is indeed one of the most significant and well known places on the internet to correspond with friends and loved ones through status messages, pictures and related media, and blog posts. No wonder, the modern population in Facebook is nearly a billion.

On the other hand, Social Media Optimisation is upgrading and making a mark in the business production. The impact of the marketing world is slowly increasing and is now supported by Facebook through the service called “Fan Pages”.

High traffic visibility is guaranteed when you have your own Facebook business page, since it put into operation viral marketing through shares, likes, and comments. Therefore, it is advised to regularly post status updates and product announcements in order for customers to fully distinguish the merchandise.

There is a new development in the Facebook graphical interface and it is called the Timeline. It can be a great aid in setting up your own page. Below are the five major guidelines in order to produce an attractive and professional looking Facebook page dedicated to business and advertising

  1. Set Up Your Cover Photo: the cover photo is the first thing a customer will perceive upon visiting your page; a chief focal point, the photo must be 851 by 315 pixels and must symbolise an image suitable for your brand. However, as a business page owner, you must follow the site’s guidelines when posting a cover photo:
    • Cover photos must not include cost or purchase information

    • Your own contact information: Since the site provides its own personal page for those above mentioned.

    • References to site’s features and actions

    • Calls to action

The site is definitely not affiliated with Facebook and is considered to be an independent business.

  1. The Profile Photo: is the second vital element in making the business page. It will be the photo that will be posted all over the social website. It is suggested to engender a brand logo to make a difference amongst the competitors.
  1. Application Organisation: the new site’s feature is capable of arranging posts in an organised manner
    • Star, hide, and pin: with Facebook’s update in customising production page. It is very likely to have a page which is interactive, yet informational. You can highlight central details about the business as well as pin posts which are relatively great when it comes to content.
  1. Messages: the core goal of Facebook is to make communication a lot easier than ever. So, they incorporated messaging service in the business page in order to meet customers’ needs and queries as conveniently as possible. Using the messaging service allows customers to attain you personally. As well as talk about certain topics pertinent to the business industry.
  1. Milestones: a great way to show your business’ accomplishments and achievements is through Milestones; posting content about specific “job well dones” during the period will help grab consumer’s attention and curiosity about your promoted business.

Facebook really helps small business enterprises to become well known all throughout the SMO Strategy. eTraffic Web Marketing can do It very efficiently for you to become engaged in this fun and interesting way of socialising and marketing your personal products effectively!

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