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The internet is currently used for an enormous amount of educational purposes. People turn to the internet to get answers to all types of problems from how to repair a leaky pipe to finding the best treatment for medical problems. With Helpouts, Google has found a way to monetise some of the educational benefits that can be derived from the web.

What Is Google Helpouts?


Google Helpouts, which was launched recently, allows users to pay for a one-on-one webcam session with an expert in their field of choice. The range of disciplines from which one can get advice is quite large. You are able to set up a session with horticulturists, medical experts, plumbers, electricians and far more.

Gaining access to Helpouts is fairly straightforward, all you need to do is to set up an appointment, pay the fee, download chat software provided by Google, and then have a one-on-one session with an expert.

Helpouts has similarities to a Question and Answer video format site. However, you ask all the questions and an expert will answer them, but you must pay for this privilege.

The whole session is completed by video, much like the format that Google uses in Google Plus Hangouts. This permits participants in the session to demonstrate things to each other. The instructor can make use of video to show a technique and the student can show things to the instructor that they would like help with.

Who Is Giving You Help On Helpouts?

Google has signed up well over one thousand providers who are offering assistance on a wide topic range. It includes everything from medical advice, computer related assistance, plumbing, cooking, writing, DIY projects, and much more. For computer related advice, Google provides students with an easy way to share their screen with their adviser.

There are companies that are providers, in addition to many individuals. For example, Sephora is a company that provides makeup tips. Other companies that have signed on with Helpouts include, Weight Watchers, One Medical, Rosetta Stone and Redbeacon.

Are The Providers On Helpouts Qualified?

All providers must go through a screening process that is Google approved prior to rendering their services on Helpouts. More than 1,000 providers have already completed the screening process.

Users of Google Helpouts are also able to give feedback on the provider they received assistance from. This helps keep track of the quality of each provider. Users are also able to see the comments and ratings of each provider.

In addition, Google offers a total refund for dissatisfied customers. But, to get the guarantee you must allow Google to record your entire session so they can examine the circumstances under which you desire a refund. If users decide not to have their Helpouts session recorded, they may do so, but then the guarantee is null and void.

For Helpouts that are medically related, Google has ensured that all advisers are credentialed medical professionals. There is built-in privacy protection for those seeking medical advice.

Helpouts was started as an internal Google program to allow employees to obtain assistance from experts in various fields, and even from other Google employees, prior to its public launch.

How Much Does A Helpouts Session Cost?

The length and expense associated with each session on Helpouts will vary between advisers. You can easily check their fees by clicking on an individual provider. Google provides a listing of the next time a particular provider is available and they also allow you to schedule a Helpouts session in advance, so you won’t have to engage in a session immediately, if you don’t want to.

People who have an interest in coming a provider may submit their credentials to Google in order to get an invitation from them. However, at this point it seems that they currently have an ample number of providers.

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