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In the fast changing web space making an impression at the first chance of your site being visited is extremely important. The importance of landing page as the gateway to your website is enormous and multifarious. There are tons of sites where in most of the cases traffic leave as soon as they come and there are sites where the traffic flow is more frequent and stable. In the hurried internet space landing page is what impresses the visitor at the first chance and consequently guarantees that he stays a few minutes between the pages to understand the offerings before actually taking interest in making any transaction. Thus either from marketing point of view or simply for increasing your traffic volume the importance of landing page is crucial to fulfill your web objectives.

Some tips on optimising your landing page

Optimising your landing page is the obvious priority that you cannot afford to postpone as for improving your web presence. An aesthetically pleasing, functionally faster and smarter landing page with clear layout and attributes to guide the visitor conveniently to his areas of interest is what we understand by an optimised landing page. Definitely to incorporate such effective brilliance you need to augment many areas and fix many problems that you otherwise thought of little importance. Here are our expert tips on optimising your landing page.

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1 ) Creating SEO friendly title tags

Most popularly searched title tags and keywords in your niche area is what is going to be one of the primary determining factors in regard to your search ranks and corresponding traffic flow. Make keyword and search tag research a regular part of your activities as a webmaster and if possible utilise a tool that updates you from time to time on most popular searches in several niche areas. Google Analytics is a fine tool, though there are others with the same or more augmented features.

2 ) Header tags

Headlines make your audience first orient themselves with what you are going to say and are of great importance for traffic to stay on the page. A captivatingly simple and attractive header tag on your landing page is absolutely indispensable as long as you want your traffic to stay in your pages longer.

3 ) Creating SEO friendly URLs

Not necessarily all SEO friendly URLs are exact matched domains but the opposite is true. Maybe your site is objectively optimised for the traffic belonging to management students in US and now you have several options for the URL to sound SEO friendly. For instance, you can harbor on an exact matched domain like managementstudentsinus.com or can create a slightly different SEO friendly URL to remain open to broader chances of catering to students of different specialisations like usstudentshelpline.com.

4 ) Optimising images

Befitting images to the published content on the landing page has long been a proven way of captivating the traffic. A glossy real life image or animated visual that perfectly sets the mood of what you are to offer in your content is really a killer aspect to give your website a smart, cool and favorable look.

5 ) Optimise content

Make sure that the content on the landing page is rich in insights and information, logically convincing enough and uniquely appealing to let the visitor get into the story and buy the opinion. At the end of the day however crude, smart and appealing SEO campaigner you prove yourself to be in all other aspects like design, link attributes, URL, page speed and technical proficiency, all your efforts unavoidably faces one single question, “do you offer uniquely real value through your content”. Even though you put all your things in perfect shape, the quality of your content would be decisive for the ultimate SEO output and traffic.

6 ) Creating rich snippets

Snippets are additional information on your SEO friendly content other title, page URL, Meta description that are normally shown in the search ranks. An accompanying photograph related to the topic or of the author or ranking information of the page, etc. are snippets that present additional information on the search page about a site or web page.

7 ) Effective link building

A good website is characteristically known for its quality link scheme and it is even better if a major and better share of these links is presented on the landing page itself. Guest posts with links from reputed sources of your niche area is a good practice to offer more value to the user and consequently enhance search ranks.

8 ) A/B test of your landing page

A/B test is nothing but measuring the performance of two alternative versions of a web page in regard to search engine output and traffic behavior. With both the pages optimised in the multiple SEO focused and traffic captivating attributes yet having considerable difference in look, feel, presentation, design and technical aspects would make you easily decide which one is appropriate for your niche.

9 ) Set up Analytics and webmaster account

Holding an webmaster account with the search engine is crucial for your website in many respects, particularly for enjoying regular feedback from the search engine and secondly for availing the opportunity of availing various webmaster guidelines and guidance and tools that show your loopholes, loose areas demanding immediate work. For instance Google analytics is an irreplaceable tool for any webmaster to analyse various aspects and parameters of website performance and gaining quick insight to the potential areas of improvement.

10 ) Share your landing page

After multitude of efforts in optimising your landing page for best SEO output you are left with one most viable task, that is, presenting and sharing your landing page in the social media channels and other interactive web spaces. At a time when SMO Services are enjoying the focus of brand leaders and business initiatives more than any other time, your landing page cannot refrain from reaping the benefits of this indispensable marketing tool.

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