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Win the Battle of Attention in 3 Easy Steps with Snapchat’s Geofilters Web

Win the Battle of Attention in 3 Easy Steps with Snapchat’s Geofilters Web

You’ve finally gotten your small business off the ground. After launching a few months ago, you’ve seen varied success, but you just know the right investment in marketing could really help your company soar.

Unfortunately, you don’t have the time or the funding of big corporations to pull it off.

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The advent of social media has given you control of advertising in your personal and local circles, but sharing content and counting on support of friends and colleagues isn’t going to cut it.

So, how are you going to reach that larger audience that’s really going to change the course of your company’s brand?

Well, it’s time to invest in Snapchat’s marketing opportunities.

Snapchat is no longer a lightweight in the social marketing arena.

This is mostly due to the influx of heavy-hitting marketing gurus who are seeing the opportunity to grow an engaged and loyal following.

how to build an audience on Snapchat

According to the weekly podcast Social 545, an interactive show intent on discussing all things trending in social media, Snapchat’s decision to create customised geofilters is the answer to marketing for the little guy.


What are geofilters, you ask?

When sifting through Snapchat, the process requires you to swipe through lenses to see new content.

These content pages can have product placement opportunities for companies advertising on filters that may be layered over posted photos or video messages, like the McDonald’s branded filter shown below:

McDonald's branded filter

This concept used to only be available for big brands or sponsorships purchasing filters for large price tags.

But in an effort to resolve monetisation conflicts, these geofilters are now being made accessible to everyone.

For $5.00, you can upload your own design or find a preloaded template. You then need to get your design approved through Snapchat’s management, and you’re live and ready to go.

The beauty of the custom geofilter is your ability to carry out this process in three easy steps:

1. Start with your design

Snapchat offers 12 different templates pre-made for you in their Illustrator or Photoshop files. You have added functionality that allows you to change text while your design can stay the same.

So every man could promote weddings, birthdays, congratulatory well wishes, conferences, and more, for very little effort, in a professional manner, AND at only $5.00.

And, you have control of your own company advertising platform to be spread across Snapchat’s growing audience.

2. Set up your geofence

On a map of your area, you can designate where you want your geofilter to be seen, so people within certain areas, drawn within your lines, have access to your filter.

This is a great opportunity for bringing in local crowd support, and gaining more attention through their influence.

3. Finally, submit your geofilter to be accepted by Snapchat

You can select how long you want it to be seen and the length of your filter, and the size of your geolocation will determine how much you spend on the filter.

So essentially, you’ll be making yourself a virtual billboard on Snapchat for your business.

The visibility and range of this new feature is catching a lot of excitement in marketing circles.

Many are now considering the advantages of investing more time and effort into Snapchat’s potential for exposing their brand.

After all, with 100 million daily users, Snapchat has a large and vastly growing audience.

Snapchat's growing audience

Another great aspect of this new idea is the ability for you to have analytical data to work with as well.

Snapchat will provide you with metrics and statistics to show you the extent of your visibility:

  • How much activity your company receives
  • How many views your lenses get,
  • How much it’s swiped, etc.

With these data, you’ll be able to gauge how your advertising is appealing to Snapchat’s large following of loyal users.

Snapchat advertising

And best of all, Snapchat thrives on associating itself with creativity.

While many of its previous paid lenses weren’t working efficiently, the concept of geofilters allows for far more scalability in designing your own advertisements.

It enforces your own marketing strategies to suit your business’s needs.

So why waste more time letting your small business flounder in your small local circles?

By investing just a little effort into Snapchat’s social platform opportunities, you can brand your business to millions on a daily basis.

Engage users through Snapchat’s custom geofilters to market your small business or start-up.

Build a base of loyal advocates, and watch your brand succeed in the 21st Century Battle of Attention.

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