Is enterprise SEO different from “regular” SEO? And is it necessary to invest in enterprise SEO? Large corporations with massive sites usually need enterprise SEO services. Enterprise SEO incorporates the same basic SEO practices as “regular” or “standard” SEO, but with a big difference – the complexity of the client business, the large scale, size, and the client’s site itself. Executing Enterprise SEO in a way that puts you ahead of the game takes on an entirely sophisticated approach. 

Are you thinking of investing in an enterprise SEO campaign but don’t know how to get started? Our award-winning SEO crew can help! We have developed personalised strategies to overcome organisational challenges, maximise synergies across digital marketing channels, help businesses improve the user experience for branded searches, increase non-brand clicks that your site receives, and ultimately rank in prominent positions. 

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What Is Enterprise SEO?

Enterprise SEO is SEO meant for larger companies such as corporate-level companies. It is an excellent fit for anyone with multiple sites, a complex enterprise website structure, or a site with thousands of pages. It comes down to enterprise companies needing a special strategy to achieve the best results in digital marketing. However, note that SEO essentials stay the same for enterprise SEO.

Your company still requires content, link building, appropriate keywords for your target audience and more. You will require more experts to work on an enterprise-level SEO strategy. It is worth noting that an enterprise website is defined by its complexity and the several pages that require managing rather than the organisation’s size.

Enterprise SEO As An Effective Advantage

Search engine optimisation has been a hot topic for the last few years. This is because SEO forms such a big part of any digital marketing campaign. And while digital marketing includes a broad spectrum of strategies and tactics, one of the most effective ways to go is by boosting the visibility of a website. Keep in mind that search engines like Google hold a lot of power when it comes to the online community. With more than 80% of users trusting these platforms to do the searching for them, the enterprise SEO services from ETRAFFIC start to make more sense than ever before. 

With every website, there are certain challenges that need to be overcome in order to reach the top. For small sites, it is a matter of standing out and becoming relevant. And niche websites have the challenge of finding good traffic sources when the niche itself is relatively new on the scene. For bigger enterprises, the complexities of simply getting the site optimised can be such an overwhelming undertaking. With big websites, there are several areas that need to be covered and covered thoroughly.

Why Enterprise SEO Important?

Why is it important to have an optimised website? The necessity to stay competitive is one of the first reasons to pop up. And just because bigger enterprises tend to have bigger marketing budgets this does not mean they do not try to use them effectively. In fact, an enterprise can only reach such a significant size because of smart marketing decisions. However, what about passive exposure and branding? These areas also make huge gains when there is an optimised website at the heart of the project.  

It is very common to underestimate the power of enterprise SEO. This is why in-house teams are quickly assigned to keep the website updated instead of hiring professionals that can do so much more. And the consequence of letting the optimisation part of the website fall behind leads to little or no organic exposure at all. That is why you should seriously consider help from experts as an investment in the future of the enterprise, not just an unnecessary expense. 

How We Make Things Happen?

Summing up all of ETRAFFIC’s services in a few sentences is simply not possible. However, we can provide highlights that most likely speak to your business model. And one way or the other, you stand to get many advantages by working with ETRAFFIC. Here is a breakdown of our process and how we ultimately help your enterprise develop.    

We do in-depth research: 

Even though just about any type of marketing is considered a risky expense, there are ways to maximise the possible returns. One of them includes in-depth research such as the target market through to the content and keywords, accurate research can make all the difference with every campaign. In this case, we research everything necessary to make the website lucrative for search engines and users alike. 

We handle the technical aspects: 

Keeping a big site under control is challenging enough without adding the pressure of implementing important changes down the line. And there are so many aspects to cover, especially if you are combining an e-commerce platform with a blog. You have to pay attention to things like the plugins running at the backend, the loading speed of the pages, as well as the overall stability. This is where ETRAFFIC comes in. We handle all of this and much more.  

We create valuable backlinks: 

Yes, it matters where links to the website are placed. And the aim of backlinking should always be to establish healthy connections with reputable sites in the same niche. Not only does this open the door to shared-traffic, but it counts in your favour from a search engine point of view too.  

Overall design: 

The design for a big enterprise site has to be done with a lot of forethought as it influences both the user experience and the rank on search results. At the same time, it needs to be developed with future plans in mind. Does the site provide enough visual appeal without taking away from the experience? Is it functional? Does it cater to all smart devices? These are just some of the questions we ask before we start a project because knowledge is the power you need to succeed. 

Different Types Of Enterprise SEO

There are several types of enterprise SEO to consider. They include:

Organic SEO

Organic SEO ensures that your website ranks top on the search result page whenever a user types a question on the search engine. According to a Statista survey, 26% of SMEs used SEO to rank higher in the search results. This means employing SEO techniques can be great for your business.

Off-page SEO
This type of SEO takes advantage of other platforms to increase organic traffic to your site.
On-page SEO
This SEO service’s goal is to improve your SEO directly from your website. This means that you improve your current content or use new content to get target keywords to convert site traffic into actual customers.

National and international SEO services

It is essential to establish a global brand presence, especially if you are a large business. Enterprise SEO can help you do just that!

Enterprise SEO Services

Enterprise SEO services are similar to regular SEO services but on a larger scale. The essential elements are similar. The difference is that the strategy for enterprise SEO is optimised for larger organisations whose target audience is complex. Besides being on top of a search engine result, you need to ensure you stay there. Here are some enterprise SEO services: 

Research is a fundamental aspect of any successful SEO strategy. Our team of experts is dedicated to conducting intensive research for all our clients to uncover beneficial information and opportunities for your brand.
Our dedicated team optimises your content to improve the SEO effect, as optimisation is crucial for any SEO campaign. Our optimisation is prioritised based on its impact.
Fundamentally, keywords are the core of SEO. Our team conducts research to find keywords that are valuable to your business. We come up with keywords that users use in an organic search, making it easy to check your website ranking. According to BrightEdge, 53.3% of website traffic is from organic searches.
Our content team comes up with valuable and relevant content for your business. The content can vary based on your business and what you want. We ensure the content is valuable and relevant to users.

Is Enterprise SEO Important?

Enterprise SEO is important for businesses with complex websites because SEO strategies for small businesses will not achieve results when used for larger businesses. It is vital because it targets highly competitive short tail keywords and requires a special enterprise SEO team to maintain and monitor organic ranking. On the other hand, the individual heading SEO in regular SEO can handle content marketing and social media.

Larger organisations tend to have more complex SEO issues, making enterprise SEO an integral part of upgrading and staying ahead of the competition. You need excellent brand authority if you have a large site, and the content needs to be fresh and up to date, meaning you will require enterprise SEO as it is smarter and more scalable.

How Much Does Enterprise SEO Cost?

Several factors influence the cost of enterprise SEO. Your budget will determine how much you spend on enterprise SEO. The SEO agency you partner with also determines how much cost you will incur. 

There is no standard market charge for how much enterprise SEO costs. Different agencies offer different packages, and some will customise their packages based on your goals.

Overall, most businesses can spend anywhere between $3,000 to $10,000 every month. It is worth noting that a company can spend much more on enterprise-level SEO. For instance, some large organisations spend up to $20,000 a month. Inherently, it comes down to what you expect to achieve with enterprise SEO and what you are willing to spend.


Pay per click (PPC) are ads you purchase that often appear at the top or bottom of a search engine result page or are displayed on other websites. On the other hand, SEO optimises web pages and helps you drive organic traffic to your website.

What you want and the kind of business you have will determine whether PPC or SEO is the best fit for your brand. 

When done right, SEO will gain you traffic and help your site rank highly without breaking the bank. PPC may be a better choice for e-commerce platforms looking to stand out.

Why Hire ETRAFFIC As Your Enterprise SEO Agency?

Enterprise SEO is an excellent investment for any business that wants to build a long-term foundation of growth while enjoying a faster return on investment. When you partner with a professional agency like ETRAFFIC, you do not have to worry about duplicate content and are guaranteed organic traffic.

Are you looking to invest in enterprise SEO but are unsure of how to go about choosing the right company? Look no further than ETRAFFIC! Please call us on 1300 887 151 and let’s customise an enterprise SEO campaign that sets you apart from your competitors or book a free strategy session below.

What Sets Us Apart From The Rest?

There is no lack of enterprise SEO services, but this also means dealing with a lot of noise. And you can expect many of these services to make unrealistic and empty promises. At ETRAFFIC, we prefer to prove how good we are. To give you some idea of our work ethic, these are the fundamentals we always follow with every client. 

We only use advanced and safe tactics:

For those who do not know already, search engines have certain requirements in place to get to the top of search results. And these requirements are not just based on the results you get from your SEO strategies. They also take into account the type of strategies being used. For instance, stuffing irrelevant keywords into an article leads to a negative outcome. Whereas well-researched and relevant keywords make a dramatic difference in terms of visibility. Simply put, we only use healthy and advanced strategies to help your enterprise website rise above your peers. 

We stay on top of everything that is new regarding search engines:

Due to search engines getting smarter, it is only natural for algorithm adjustments to follow. If you do not stay updated with these changes, it can severely influence site performance in the long run.  

We have great communication skills and the best client service

We guarantee every client experience to be transparent, friendly, and productive. Nobody wants to waste time or money when new heights can be reached. 

Enterprise FAQs

Overall, the goal of enterprise SEO and traditional SEO is to make your website more visible on search engine results. However, enterprise SEO is different because it involves a higher financial investment. Its main focus is on high-competition keyphrases and targets short-tail keywords.

Overall, the goal of enterprise SEO and traditional SEO is to make your website more visible on search engine results. However, enterprise SEO is different because it involves a higher financial investment. Its main focus is on high-competition keyphrases and targets short-tail keywords.

The cost for enterprise SEO varies based on various factors. Overall, most businesses can spend anywhere between $3,000 to $10,000 every month. It is worth noting that a company can spend much more on enterprise-level SEO. For instance, some large organisations spend up to $20,000 a month.

ETRAFFIC is the best company for SEO services. We use safe and advanced tactics, have excellent customer service and communication skills, and are up to date with everything involving search engines. We also offer a range of SEO services and have competitive prices.

SEO services range in costs depending on several factors, such as your budget, the complexity of the work undertaken and ongoing services to name a few. If you would like more information on costs for SEO, please contact us.

While enterprise SEO solutions will vary from each other, usually most include some key elements of local SEO. Note that an enterprise SEO company may not include local SEO on their corporate SEO services, but you can always request the SEO agency to add the features you want to the package you select. 

Consider investing in local SEO because, according to GoGulf, 46% of Google searches look up local information. Before you procure services from an enterprise SEO agency, go over their plans to ensure they will be valuable to your company.

Before moving from traditional to enterprise SEO, please make sure to set aside a budget for pro-enterprise SEO services. You know it is time to move to enterprise SEO when:

  • You want to grow your revenue and online presence
  • Your brand struggles to rank for competitive short-tail keywords
  • Your brand ranks well for various long term keywords

You will spend less money and time and achieve better results with an excellent enterprise SEO strategy. Working with a professional agency can make a world of difference for your digital marketing efforts. Besides, you will also enjoy the benefits of having more conversions and sales. Bottom line, with enterprise SEO services from experienced professionals, you get value for your money, which saves you money in the long term.

SEO services offer you online longevity on the search results, meaning your target audience starts to view your brand as an authority figure in your industry. When you work with the right enterprise SEO agency, you gain more visibility, consistent traffic and a higher ROI.

Get The Edge Today

There is no better time than the present to ensure your enterprise stays ahead in the game. However, you need the right people in the right places, which is why you need to put ETRAFFIC in charge of making your website the best it can be. Please contact us today to learn how we can help you with an enterprise SEO strategy for your business.

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