According to Smart Insights, over 50% of internet users use their mobile devices to browse the internet. Besides, Google favours mobile-friendly sites. So, if you haven’t started working on your SEO mobile plan, it’s high time to make a change and consider one. Want to improve your mobile SEO but do not know how to? We can help. Get in touch with us today on 1300 887 151 or click below to book a free strategy session.

What Is Mobile SEO?

Most individuals today turn to their mobile phones to browse the internet compared to using  their desktops. Therefore, it makes sense for anyone with an online business to venture into mobile optimisation and ensure that mobile users have a great user experience. Optimising for mobile ensures that your advert or website appears on the mobile search results, and as a result, your business will gain more traffic which increases your chances for more sales.

 Fundamentally, mobile SEO is the search engine optimisation of your website combined with a smooth viewing experience on a mobile device. It is crucial to optimise your site for mobile devices to help with your page speed, which is a significant ranking factor. According to Google, 30% of mobile searches are location-based. Therefore, investing in mobile SEO can help you increase your website traffic and potentially boost your sales.

Choose The Best Mobile SEO Strategist In Melbourne

With everyone being so busy these days, most people will check their phones for businesses that offer the products and services they are looking for. Therefore, if you have a website showcasing your products and services, you will have a much wider reach than a business that isn’t online.

If you have competitors that have invested in mobile SEO, then you may find that most new customers are finding them instead of you. This is why it is important to improve your mobile SEO traffic so that you can get more customers and maintain the ones you already have. Most business owners feel that this is money that they are investing without really knowing if they will be getting it back. SEO is worth it because it has numerous benefits.

Following are the advantages of investing in mobile SEO for your business:

Enhancing The User Experience For Your Site

Your customers will be able to access the details of your business faster and even perform other transactions online instead of needing to go to the business in person. The more that clients feel that they can get access to your products or services easily, the more they will want to continue using them. Nobody likes slow sites or sites that hang while you’re searching for information, especially if you are in a hurry. If your site provides a more wholesome user experience, you will get more customers via mobile SEO.

It Decreases The Bounce Rate

The bounce rate is the percentage of people or users that leave your site within a very short time after getting on it. If you do not have a user-friendly site, you will have your customers leaving it only a few minutes after their first click. That usually means that they will not go to other pages of your site. This leads to an overall decrease in the traffic to your site which ultimately means you will end up with fewer customers.

You Increase The Traffic

More people do search on their mobile devices than they do on desktops. That means if you have optimised your website for mobile usage, your business will have more customers gaining access to the site. This means that your website needs to be both desktop and mobile phone friendly so customers can access it from anywhere, anytime.

How Is Your Mobile SEO Performance?

It is crucial to analyse the current performance of your mobile SEO, so you can make changes if necessary. For instance, how do your meta descriptions appear on mobile devices? Optimising your site’s SEO for mobile makes it easier for users to view helpful information from your site. 

 Use the google search console to keep track of your mobile SEO performance on the search results. It can also help you improve and better understand how Google views your website, and you can troubleshoot and maintain your site’s presence on the search results. Enhancing your SEO performance can impact your business significantly.

Following are the advantages of investing in mobile SEO for your business

Your business can enjoy plenty of benefits once you employ mobile SEO for your business. Some of the benefits include: 

More website traffic

You are likely to gain more traffic once you incorporate mobile SEO into your business. It will improve the mobile page speed, which improves the user experience. According to Google, the likelihood of a mobile user bouncing increases by 123% when your page load time goes from a second to ten seconds. 

Better search engine performance
Local SEO allows you to rank higher in local searches, allowing you to grab the attention of people who are looking for what you offer nearby. Ranking well also means that your website will be at the top of search results when users make specific queries like “dentist near me” or “car tyres near me.”
Better user experience
Mobile SEO enhances user experience, which is crucial if you intend to retain your website visitors. Fundamentally, dynamic servers alert Google to display the search result based on the device you’re using. With more people using mobile search, you need to attract leads and convert them to customers by creating a better user experience.
Increases the amount of time spent on your website
Since most individuals spend time on their phones, optimising your site for mobile can increase the time they spend on your site. This increases traffic to your website and also leads to higher conversion rates.
Fast page loading speed
Mobile SEO increases page load speeds, meaning potential customers are more likely to stay engaged with your site for an extended period.
Mobile-first index
Investing in mobile SEO ensures that Google only uses your mobile version content for ranking and indexing when evaluating the relevance of your page for a user instead of the desktop version of your site’s content.
You are more likely to gain lead conversions when using mobile SEO. People are more likely to keep using and recommend your website if it is mobile-friendly, which increases the chances of lead conversions.
Necessary content
With mobile SEO, only the necessary content makes it to your website, meaning your business and website will look more organised. For instance, people will see the appropriate titles and meta descriptions.

How Much Does Mobile SEO Cost?

Mobile SEO can help your business generate organic traffic and is a pretty affordable marketing tactic. Note that different businesses will require a unique approach to mobile SEO, so your business model will determine the cost of mobile SEO. Furthermore, the SEO company you work with will also determine how much mobile SEO costs.

 At ETRAFFIC, we offer customised mobile SEO services to all our clients. We offer different packages our clients can select from depending on the results they expect from their mobile SEO. Therefore, what you pay for mobile SEO is influenced by what you are trying to achieve. 

Are You Ready For Mobile Revolution?

It is best to select a professional SEO company to help you with mobile SEO. Regardless of the mobile SEO service you need, we can help. We offer a range of SEO services as our team of professionals have the experience and expertise to work with mobile apps and the mobile web. Therefore, we can optimise your site experience and content to achieve your desired mobile SEO results.

 No matter the size of your business, investing in SEO can make a significant difference. Our team of experts can help your business with mobile SEO, including local SEO, to help your business stand out. Here are some mobile SEO services we offer: 

  • Develop a successful mobile SEO strategy
  • Auditing your current mobile SEO
  • Monitoring your mobile performance
  • Optimizing your mobile site’s page speed
  • Ensuring your mobile site performance is of the highest standard
  • Enhancing your mobile traffic and ranking

Why Hire ETRAFFIC As Your Mobile SEO Agency?

While people still conduct desktop searches, most people use their phones. Mobile SEO is crucial to anyone with an online business as it can help your business gain visibility and traffic. 

 Looking for a mobile SEO expert? Look no further – ETRAFFIC can help.

 We are not your regular mobile SEO agency. We do everything to ensure your business search engine ranking gains your site more visibility. Let us help you strategise your mobile optimisation so that your business can stay on top. Please call us on 1300 887 151 to learn more or to book a free strategy session. 

Our Process

We are a company that will help strategise your Mobile Optimisation so that your business can stay on top. 

We will make your website mobile user-friendly by ensuring your pages load on clients’ phones and tablets just as easily as it does on a desktop. We have SEO experts who can design the pages to be fit for mobile viewing, which means that if your customers need to see any particular information they do not have to keep zooming in and out to see the content. If you have a sign-up service, the mobile SEO ensures that this process is stress-free. We also make sure that your site is easy to access even for colourblind users as well as those that are sight-impaired. 

Even your most loyal clients still want a website that is easy to navigate. We help them to easily find any updates or if there have been any changes made to your business. This also makes it easier for you to put any information about special offers and guarantees on your website.

Further to this, we will refine the design of your site and make it appealing to all users. If they can see pictures of the products on their phones, it will make it that much easier to work with you because they can quickly and easily see what you are selling. We will also make sure that the pages are easy to load even when they contain pictures and videos.

We perform tests for the site on software to see how mobile-friendy it is and make any adjustments where necessary. We ensure that the site ranks high using Mobile-Friendly Test Tools.

Why Choose Us?

We have expertise in mobile SEO. We are constantly educating and updating ourselves with the best methods to ensure our customers’ websites are mobile-friendly. That means that we are aware of the exact adjustments that need to be made to keep your site not only ranking at the top of search engines but also enhance the users’ experience. 

We have worked with numerous business owners who can attest to the fact that we have the professional skills needed to make your website more efficient for mobile users. We work one on one with our clients to ensure that websites optimised and easily visible on search engines such as Google. We also create designs that will put you ahead of your competitors as well as making sure that your site is accessible via social sites such as Instagram or Facebook.

Mobile SEO FAQs

Yes, you can. You can do so by optimising the title and meta descriptions optimising the local search, separate mobile URL, responsive web design, and more. 

Some characteristics of mobile SEO include usage pattern, responsiveness, touch control, user experience, page size, and page speed.

 Yes, it is, with the most obvious difference being the screen size. You have to optimise the user experience for both differently. Overall, the user intent differs, so the SEO for desktop and mobile is different.

There are three ways mobile SEO can work. These include separate mobile websites, dynamic server hosting, or responsive web design.

Not being optimised for mobile is not an option! Google, Bing, and other search engines rank your site higher based on whether it is mobile-friendly. Mobile SEO ensures that users have a flawless mobile experience when using your site, and as a result, this helps your site gain more traffic.
You can do more to improve the user experience on your website aside from optimising your site for mobile. This includes ensuring your website is responsive, fast page load speed, doing away with several redirects and pop-ups, and avoiding blocking CSS and HTML code.

 Here are a few things that are vital for mobile SEO for e-commerce: 

  • The right canonical tags
  • Structured data
  • Equivalent videos, images, and texts for desktop and mobile versions
  • Title tags and meta descriptions

We will give you advice on the best strategies to increase the mobile traffic to your website which involves more than just the use of keywords. By working with us, you will be choosing a partner who will take you through a vast array of mobile advertising techniques that make sure your business always remains at the top.

Please call ETRAFFIC today and let us help you with your Mobile SEO and start bringing in more mobile traffic and paying customers for your business!

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