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Arrange Your Website in a Clear, Hierarchical or “Tree-like” Layout

Arrange Your Website in a Clear, Hierarchical or “Tree-like” Layout

Is your website easy to navigate? Can your visitors find what they want within 3-5 seconds or clicks? If they can’t, then you have a navigation and user-friendliness problem.

Your visitors don’t want to spend a lot of time navigating through a series of “irrelevant” menus to get to the information they need. They want to get there as quickly as possible or they’ll get frustrated.

Websites with poor information hierarchies or content arrangements offer little or no engagement. They will also potentially lose a lot of traffic, revenue and profits because they are simply too difficult to navigate.

A website with the proper content hierarchy will ensure:

  • Easy usability for your visitors;
  • Quick access to information for your visitors;
  • Faster website loading speed;
  • Clean aesthetics and site design;
  • Dramatic improvement in your conversion rates;
  • Easy understanding of the site’s layout; and
  • Users can move freely through your website

As much as you want to avoid creating too many menus or “deep” pages, you also want to make sure that your site menus aren’t shallow either.

The best solution is a well-balanced and functional site hierarchy. This consists of strategically placed categories and sub-categories that provide easy access to all information as well as highlight your website’s organization.

Hierarchies are extremely important in web design. If your website has navigation issues or users are complaining about how difficult it is to find whatever they are looking for, you need to have your website checked at by an expert web designer.

This is what we expertly do at eTraffic Web Designs. Let us help you create the perfect hierarchy for your website.

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