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Consider SEO as a Long Distance Marathon with No Finish Line

Consider SEO as a Long Distance Marathon with No Finish Line

Many small business owners think of SEO as a short-term marketing strategy. This is why they stop doing SEO after they attain those coveted top positions. But, this is absolutely wrong!

SEO is never a once-and-done marketing technique.

So, even when you have secured the sorely desired spots, you still need to continue your search engine optimisation campaigns to maintain those rankings.

Why is this so?

  • Consistent SEO means sustained and long term rankings;
  • It’ll provide maximum exposure and generate significant revenues and profits for your business;
  • Encourages repetitive exposure, which in turn increases your conversion rate;
  • Improves brand visibility and market reach;
  • Positions you as an authority in your industry or niche, particularly when you’ve done an excellent job of creating awesome content; and
  • Helps you corner more market share

This is the single most important secret high ranking websites use to dominate their industries for fiercely competitive keywords.

If you’re worried about budget, don’t be. Apart from the fact that you’ll be making a lot more money and enjoying a healthy ROI, search engine optimisation at that point is more about sustaining the momentum.

So, avoid making the same mistake others have. Starting over can be difficult, time-consuming, costly and unnecessary. Hence, if you’re starting your SEO campaigns today, think long term.

This is the same advice we give our clients. It’s the main reason we’ve had tremendous success with each and every one of them.

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