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Create Custom 404 Page to Improve UX and Earn Additional Interlinking Opportunity

Create Custom 404 Page to Improve UX and Earn Additional Interlinking Opportunity

Your site needs a Custom 404 page: Have you ever tried to access a certain page on a website only to see that annoying “page not found” message?

That probably discouraged you from further exploring the website. This is particularly so when there is no indication of where or how to find what you need.

404 Pages can and do happen. Most visitors understand this. They won’t mind if there are clear directions telling them what to do or where to go from there. That is why you should replace the template

That is why you should replace the generic 404 Page notification with something more appealing and useful.

Top 4 – Custom 404 Pages

1- Hilary Clinton

2- South West Trains

3- Blue Egg

4- Lego

So, apart from doing something to fix the pages and URLs, what else should you do about those pesky error 404 pages to increase user-friendliness?

  • Start by eliminating the standard notification message and include something catchy or fun.
  • Add links to similar or helpful pages that will help direct them to the right pages quickly.
  • Add a search bar to the pages so that the user can quickly conduct a search to locate their information.
  • Explain that the errors are yours, not theirs and suggest alternative courses of action.
  • Always make your 404 Pages fun and informative.

404 pages are often underestimated and overlooked. Don’t fall into that trap. If you have a huge website and don’t know whether you have error 404 pages or not, you need expert assistance.

Let ETRAFFIC’s expert SEO professionals do a quick audit of your website instead of spending valuable time combing through your website yourself.

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